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Vecow Reveals Time Synchronization Solution for Autonomous Cars

POSTED 06/13/2023

Vecow Co., Ltd., a team of global embedded experts, today announced the availability of a new solution that enables autonomous vehicles and robotics to handle demanding tasks in outdoor and complex environments efficiently, with productivity and safety. By collaborating with leaders within industry and research institutions, Vecow has developed Time Sync Technology to meet the requirements of the crucial mission of sensor fusion. Vecow Time Synchronization solution provides robust, accurate, and sophisticated software to processes all sensors input, data, and plot paths and then send instructions to these autonomours robotics.

According to research firm Markets and Markets, the outdoor robotics market projects to grow at a CAGR of 27.4% during the forecast period from 2021 to 2026. This growth is driven by increasing demand for automation, advancements in sensor technologies, and the growing adoption of UAVs. However, integrating multiple sensors and improving performance and efficiency pose significant challenges in this field. In response to these challenges, Vecow has collaborated with various partners to focus on five areas of focus: mapping, sensor fusion, localization, navigation, and calibration. 

Mapping: The mapping technology for outdoor robots or autonomous guide vehicles typically involves the use of various sensors and algorithms to create an accurate and detailed map of the environment in which the vehicle operates. Mapping, on the other hand, involves creating a map of the environment itself. This is typically done using sensors such as LiDAR, cameras, IMU, and GNSS to create a 3D point cloud of the environment. The data from these sensors is then processed using various algorithms to create a detailed map of the environment, including the location of obstacles, terrain features, and other relevant information. Vecow seamlessly incorporates its solutions into our embedded computing controllers, creating all-encompassing hardware and SLAM with multiple sensor software packing.

Calibration: The calibration technology for outdoor robotic and autonomous guide vehicles involves the process of adjusting and aligning the sensors and other hardware components of the vehicle to ensure accurate and reliable operation. Calibration is an important step in the setup and maintenance of these vehicles as it helps to ensure that the sensors and hardware are functioning correctly and providing accurate data for mapping, localization, and other tasks. In addition to the initial calibration during vehicle setup, ongoing calibration may be required to maintain accuracy and reliability over time. Vecow's high-performance and high-AI controller solutions are meticulously designed to deliver dependable hardware performance to our customers.

Sensor Fusion: Sensor fusion is the process of combining data from multiple sensors to obtain more accurate and comprehensive information about the environment in which an outdoor robotic or autonomous guide vehicle operates. This technology enables the vehicle to make well-informed decisions and take appropriate actions based on the combined data from multiple sensors. The sensors used in outdoor robotic and autonomous guide vehicles can include LiDAR, cameras, radar, GPS, IMUs, wheel encoders, and other types of sensors. Each sensor provides unique information about the environment, such as distance, speed, direction, and location. Vecow's rugged controller is purposefully designed to meet these demanding requirements, offering a comprehensive I/O interface, increased storage capacity, multiple PCIe expansion slots, and automotive-grade camera interfaces.

Localization: Localization is the process of determining the position of an outdoor robotic or autonomous guide vehicle in the environment. The localization solution for outdoor robots typically involves combining data from multiple sensors to estimate the vehicle's position and orientation in real time. To utilize a localization solution for outdoor robotic and autonomous guide vehicles, the vehicle must first be equipped with the necessary sensors and localization software. Additionally, the vehicle must undergo calibration to ensure accurate measurement of the environment by the sensors. Vecow's high-performance computer and high-AI controller offer a comprehensive interface that enables customers to seamlessly integrate a greater number of sensor nodes into their robots and autonomous cars.

Navigation: Navigation is the process of planning and following a path to reach a specific goal in the environment. For outdoor robotic and autonomous guide vehicles, navigation involves utilizing a combination of sensor data and algorithms to plan both global and local paths, implement waypoint-based navigation, avoid obstacles, and ultimately reach the desired destination. To utilize a navigation solution for outdoor robotic and autonomous guide vehicles, the vehicle must first be equipped with the necessary sensors and navigation software. Additionally, the vehicle must undergo calibration to ensure accurate measurement of the environment by the sensors. Our high-performance and high-AI edge controllers, along with Xilinx edge controllers, provide the required capabilities for robust and efficient robot navigation.

"Vecow is open to partnerships with industry leaders and actively collaborates with research institutions to remain at the forefront of technological advancements," said Thomas Su, VP of Vecow. "The launch of the time synchronization solution is a strategic move that aimed at addressing the challenges of optimizing sensor synchronization and enhancing robot perception, precision, and positional capabilities for our customers"

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