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IDS is a leading manufacturer of industrial cameras “Made in Germany” with USB or GigE interfaces. For quick, easy and precise 3D machine vision tasks IDS offers the Ensenso series. With the novel vision app-based sensors and cameras of IDS NXT the company opens up a new dimension in image processing. Whether in an industrial or non-industrial setting: IDS cameras and sensors assist companies worldwide in optimizing processes, ensuring quality, driving research, conserving raw materials, and serving people. They provide reliability, efficiency and flexibility for your application.

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User-friendly AI vision system for beginners and professionals is upgraded

POSTED 09/23/2022

IDS introduces new functions and hardware for IDS NXT at VISION

The AI vision system IDS NXT offers both beginners and professionals enormous scope in the design of Deep Learning-based image processing applications. The task spectrum of the industrial cameras is determined by apps that can be developed with the associated AI Vision Studio IDS NXT lighthouse and then executed directly on the models. The intelligent IDS NXT cameras can therefore process tasks "on device", provide image processing results themselves and can trigger subsequent processes in networked systems. At VISION, IDS will present further developments in hardware and software. The company is not only adding anomaly detection to its machine learning methods, but is also presenting a significantly faster camera model as a prototype. With it, inference times can be shortened by up to twenty times and neural networks can thus be executed many times faster than before – making AI-based image analyses possible even in the live image.

The development of an AI vision application usually requires expertise, programming effort and investment in computing and storage hardware. Not only the training of a neural network, but also its execution and the evaluation of the results requires knowledge about hardware, software and interfaces. However, the entry hurdle can be lowered – for instance, the AI vision system IDS NXT already contains all the necessary tools and workflows, from AI training software to assistance tools to powerful industrial cameras. Users need no special knowledge of Deep Learning or camera programming to realise an intelligent image processing application.

Since IDS NXT industrial cameras have a special AI core, neural networks are executed hardware accelerated directly on the devices - this enables inference times of only a few milliseconds. With features such as C-mount, robust housing, GigE network connection with RJ45 or M12 plugs, RS232 interface and REST web interface, they are fully-fledged industrial cameras. Thanks to OPC UA, IDS NXT cameras can not only be easily integrated into Industry 4.0 systems, but can also trigger follow-up processes directly as intelligent edge devices. Data security also plays an important role in the industrial use of artificial intelligence. Communication between IDS NXT cameras and system components can therefore be encrypted via HTTPS.

Learn more: www.ids-nxt.com