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Thermal resistance calculation tool is newly added in our simulation tool

POSTED 06/22/2023

“We have recently added a few advanced tools to our simulation tool, and one of these additions is the thermal resistance calculation tool.”

Determining the amount of heat that can be transferred from a motor to the surrounding environment is often a challenging task. To simplify this process, we have developed a user-friendly calculation tool as part of our online simulation tool. This tool is specifically designed to perform the necessary calculations with ease.

To use the tool, you are required to provide the necessary details about your setup. You need to input the surface area of the slide where the motor is attached. Additionally, you will need to specify the type of cooling employed. Depending on the type of cooling method, you may be presented with additional options, such as water flow rate or whether the coil unit or magnet is in motion.

Based on the input you provide, the tool calculates an estimate of the system’s thermal resistance by considering the velocity of the application when convection is the primary mode. This calculated value is then used in further calculations in the simulation tool, allowing for more reliable and accurate results for your motor selection process.

Login and try it yourself now at:  https://www.tecnotion.com/simulation-tool/.