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Soft Motion Control Can Be Achieved With A Windows PC

POSTED 08/26/2015

Wisdom Industrial automation is a growing trend, the relevant manufacturers optimistic about the development potential after the EtherCAT standard, are fully launched related products. US and British Dortmund (IntervalZero) 2 years ago began the development of EtherCAT real-time visual and motion control platform, this software is more integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) function to this platform, I hope by the Accelerated Industrial Development of chi moving.

Business and vice president of marketing, Asia Pacific English Temeng Taiwan branch Hongyu Hao said, because the EtherCAT network gradually become the mainstream industry, the company began two years ago from the R & D EtherCAT control platform, since last year, observed various manufacturers of EtherCAT Inquiries degree heats up, thus further aggravating investment.

Hongyu Hao further explained that the platform utilizes Windows PCs, as well as the integration of the company's real-time operating system (RTOS) - RTX64, soft PLC, motion control axis card with EtherCAT industrial network standards, in order to achieve through software control factory automation wisdom.

It is understood that this section control platform compared with other competing products, the biggest difference is that the software platform for the control system, the user should carry the software, you can still free to choose other hardware with EtherCAT interface, while competitive products are must be bound to a company network protocol software / hardware, so that users when selecting hardware more restricted.

In addition, in the past to control the drive, motor and other equipment, mostly interposed axis motion control card through industrial computers, video capture card, in order to achieve real-time visual and motion control performance, but if the use of the EtherCAT control platform with the company's RTX real-time systems , you need not interposed axis card, video capture card, which can take advantage of the software control functions of the platform control plant equipment to achieve wisdom automation results.

It is noteworthy that, as the system software to control the main axis of the card can be removed from placement to reduce the wiring and other problems, thereby reducing the volume of industrial computers, saving factory space; In addition, because without mounting axis card and video capture card, also can reduce procurement and maintenance costs; and once when automation equipment failure, but also from the platform query the cause, reducing downtime.

It is understood that there are already including Boeing, General Electric (GE) and so on Europe, China and Taiwan, and other manufacturers to use the platform, applications containing mechanical arm, automation equipment; In addition, some relevant research institutions such as Precision Machinery Research and Development Center ( PMC) to use this platform.

Hongyu Hao said that the future of the platform will continue to add new features, such as this new software PLC function; the software PLC has five programming languages, at this stage, this platform only supports ladder diagram (Ladder), and the company currently has with two PLC vendors to discuss cooperation, the future is expected to be able to expand to support other kinds of PLC programming language.