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BlueBay Automation offers an array of high quality automation products backed by an extensive selection of value-added services. BlueBay represents the most comprehensive knowledge base of industrial technologies and products in our market. Industrial Automation is our core business. We believe that success in the automation business requires 100% management commitment…BlueBay represents that commitment. With this in mind, it was quickly realized that BlueBay Automation was providing the value-added automation solutions for the Customer in place of the existing product Distributors. These solutions typically involved Machine/Motion Control, HMI and VFD applications.

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Simplifying Integration: Traditional Robotics vs Plug and Work Automation

POSTED 10/09/2023

Simplifying Integration: Traditional Robotics vs Plug and Work Automation

Integrating robotic systems into your operations and/or products doesn't have to be complicated. Join us as industry leaders explore the evolving world of robotics and how new, easy-to-use components are changing the game for system integrators and OEMs alike. We'll talk about the challenges and workarounds of working with traditional robotic systems and how in many cases, modern plug-and-work robotic solutions offer a simpler, more efficient alternative.

Our panel of industry leaders will share insights on:

  • The hurdles often faced when integrating traditional robotic systems.
  • The advantages of modern, plug-and-work components that are easy to integrate.
  • Real-world examples that highlight the impact of these innovations across industries.

We'll also look at what's coming down the pipeline, discussing future trends in robotics that system integrators and OEMs who are dealing with robotics (or will be in the future) will want to prepare for.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Clarity on common obstacles in traditional robotic system integration and actionable solutions to overcome them.
  • A deep dive into the efficiency gains possible through plug-and-work automation components.
  • Expert recommendations for leveraging modern robotics in both system integration and OEM scenarios.
  • Future-focused insights that will prepare you for upcoming trends and innovations in robotics.

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