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Emergent Vision Technologies was founded in 2007 in Vancouver, Canada. We are an award-winning company based on achievements such as: 2010: First camera company to launch 10GigE camera product line. 2018: First camera company to launch 25GigE camera product line. 2018: First camera company to launch 10GigE and 25GigE line scan camera product line. 2020: First camera company to launch 50GigE and 100GigE camera product line. We bring together over 40+ years of imaging experience ranging from life science, security and machine vision/industrial markets. We continue to be on the bleeding edge of new sensors and camera technologies to help fill our customers application needs. In close collaboration with our global network of highly qualified partners and distributors, we offer individual consulting and support for your applications. Please contact us to find out what we can do for you!

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See Emergent's Demo of the Fastest Line Scan Camera with 100GigE Interface at ISS 2024

POSTED 05/13/2024

Emergent will showcase its award-winning, high-speed imaging cameras and technologies at Image Sensing Show (ISS) 2024 from June 12-14. Located in booth No. 2 in Yokohama, Japan, attendees can witness several live demos including a demo of the fastest line scan camera with a 100GigE interface. Below attendees can find more information on the products and technologies that will be featured at ISS 2024.

Watch the demo here.

Image Sensing Show (ISS) Demos

25GigE 3D Reconstruction

Starting from the right of the booth,  we have a scaled down version of a volumetric capture system.  In a typical volumetric capture setup, 18 pairs of cameras are used to capture images for motion 3D model reconstruction.  In the scaled down version, a single pair of HB-12000-SB-C cameras are used to capture images of a figurine for 3D model reconstruction.  On the monitor screen, the 3D reconstructed model of the figurine is rotated and viewed from various angles for comparison against 2 live cameras views of the figure on a rotating turntable.


100GigE HZ-21000-G-M Demo

Moving to the center of the booth, we have the award winning HZ-21000-G-M with Canon EF lens control capturing the numbered blades of a 12cm PC fan.  For the live view, HZ-21000-G-M is capturing 21Mpix at 542fps.  As the graphics display is limited to a max of 60fps, it is not possible to visually track a complete revolution of a numbered blade.  To allow trade visitors to track a complete revolution of a numbered blade, a 500fps recording of the rotating fan is played back in slow motion.  In the slow motion playback, the rotation of numbered blades without any choppy or jumpy video playback is an indication of no dropped frames during recording.


100GigE Line-Scan & 25GigE Area-Scan Pattern Matching Demo

On the left of the HZ-21000-G-M demo, we have the combined linescan and pattern matching demo running with a single rotary stage using its built-in encoder. The LZ-16KG5-M linescan camera is  the fastest monochrome line scan camera with a 100GigE interface, scanning a printed sheet of paper on a drum rotating on the vertical axis.  On the top surface of the drum, a circular disc holding 4 PCBAs are rotating at the same angular velocity as the drum.  A HB-25000-SB-C camera is used to capture images of the PCBA and the captured images are transferred directly to GPU memory by GPU Direct. Once the image is in GPU memory, a CUDA-based plugin executes a pattern matching test against a reference zone of a known good PCBA. A green box around the matched zone is displayed each time there is a good match.

Both the 100GigE linescan and GPU Direct enabled HB-25000-SB-C are running on eCapturePro on a single PC, a proof of Emergent’s strength in supporting multi-camera configurations on a single PC.

This show runs till 5pm on Friday June 14, 2024. We are located at PACIFICO YOKOHAMA Hall D, Booth No. 2. Come drop by Emergent’s booth to find more about the new LZ-16KG5 linescan camera and discover how the new plugin feature in eCapturePro can solve your high speed image analysis problems!

Join us at Image Sensing Show (ISS) 2024 and experience firsthand the power and potential of our technologies. At Emergent, we’re capturing the future, today.

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June 12 – June 14 | PACIFICO YOKOHAMA  – Hall D Booth No. 2 | Yokohama, Japan ISS 2024