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Robotics and Vision System Integrator Certification Programs Explained at Automate 2011

POSTED 03/15/2011

n Arbor, Michigan) New certification programs for robotics and machine vision system integrators will be explained at the Automate 2011 show at McCormick Place in Chicago, March 21-24.

The robotics integrator program will be formally announced at a talk on the show floor by Jeff Burnstein, President of Robotic Industries Association (RIA) on Monday, March 21 at 2:30 pm.

“We’ve been working on this certification program for more than a year and are excited to be officially releasing details,” Burnstein said.  “The idea came from the integrators themselves and integrators and leading end users have been very involved in fleshing out the details.  We expect to start certifying integrators by the end of this year.”

Burnstein said that the certification program will help users find qualified integrators and lead to more successful applications of robotics.  “Users told us that there are so many integrators right now that it’s hard for them to know which ones should be on their ‘short list’ of companies to consider.  We believe that RIA certification could ultimately prove to be a key factor in the decision process.”

The machine vision system integrator certification program is sponsored by the Automated Imaging Association (AIA), a sister trade group to RIA.  Both organizations are sponsoring the Automate 2011 event.  AIA Board Member Greg Hollows of Edmund Optics and Vice President Dana Whalls will discuss the program on the show floor at 3:30 pm on Monday, March 21.

“The AIA program currently focuses on certifying machine vision professionals,” said Whalls.  “We started with certification at the basic level last year and at Automate will launch advanced level certification.  Basic and advanced courses and certification tests will be offered at the Automate 2011 conference.  We also expect to be certifying system integrator companies by the end of 2011, “Whalls explained.

Burnstein and Whalls said that qualified system integrators are critical to the growth of the robotics and machine vision industries.  “Users want complete solutions and they turn to integrators to solve their problems,” Burnstein said.  “Integrators understand automation technology as well as having knowledge of key processes in specific industries.”

A special pavilion right at the front of Automate 2011 focuses on systems integration.  More than 20 leading integrators will participate to demonstrate solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

“Visitors to Automate 2011 will discover new solutions and meet and compare various integrators to find the right solutions partner for their specific needs,” Burnstein said.

Automate 2011 is sponsored by the Automation Technologies Council which includes the Robotic Industries Association, the Automated Imaging Association and the Motion Control Association.  Together these trade groups represent some 575 companies from 30 nations that supply, integrate, and use robotics, machine vision, and motion control, as well as leading research organizations and consulting firms.

For full details on Automate 2011 visit  For details on the RIA and AIA system integrator programs, contact association headquarters at 734/994-6088 or stop by booth 1112 at Automate 2011.

Additional details on RIA can be found at, while AIA information can be found at