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KINGSTAR Soft Motion provides all the benefits of a software solution to motion control in an automatically configured EtherCAT environment with “plug-and-play” compatibility. With the highest quality and performance of pre-integrated and pre-tested motion libraries, KINGSTAR delivers motion control at half the cost of traditional hardware platforms. Deliver Software-Only Motion Control and Positioning Systems Quickly and Affordably KINGSTAR Soft Motion is an open and standards-based, software-only solution that streamlines motor control and automation. Soft Motion runs directly on the PC, uses the NIC card for I/O, and uses the powerful EtherCAT protocol to free you from the shackles of proprietary and costly hardware. With Soft Motion, motion control engineers can design, develop and integrate PC-based machine controllers in a “plug-and-play” environment for consolidated, inexpensive and scalable motion and vision control.

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Product Release Notice: KINGSTAR 3.1.1

POSTED 06/01/2017

Product Overview

KINGSTAR products are designed for industrial machines requiring motion control and positioning systems. KINGSTAR’s all-software approach sets it apart from other machine control solutions.

Using the EtherCAT standard; the power of Industrial PCs; and the Windows operating system, enhanced by IntervalZero’s RTX64 hard real-time software that transforms Windows into a real-time operating system (RTOS), you can create software-only, PC-based machine controllers that lower the costs of industrial machines while delivering excellent precision and performance.

There are two product lines: KINGSTAR Soft Motion and KINGSTAR EtherCAT.

KINGSTAR Soft Motion is a complete software solution that creates PC-based machine controllers with premium precision and performance.

KINGSTAR EtherCAT provides support for CANopen over EtherCAT and simplified configuration of EtherCAT networks.

New Features and Resolved Issues
KINGSTAR Soft Motion

  • Resolves an issue regarding the MC_MoveContinuousRelative function not maintaining the original velocity when in buffer mode. (291)
  • Adds support for overriding velocity, acceleration and jerk for multi-axis setups with the function MC_GroupSetOverride. (244)
  • Resolves an issue regarding CAM failing when built under Windows debug configuration. (285)
  • Resolves an issue regarding the unsupported hardware list not being displayed properly within the ESI Import Tool. (304)
  • Improved the memory usage of the ESI Import Tool. (263)


  • Resolves an issue regarding the KINGSTAR EtherCAT master failing to connect with slave devices. (287)
  • Resolves an issue regarding drives not working correctly when using PDO assignment. (293)
  • Resolves an issue regarding the encoder resolution of OMRON servo drives not being read correctly. (301)
  • Adds and improves default support for the following Servo drives:
    • Festo CMMP-AS-M3 (306)
    • Fuji ALPHA5 Series (322)
    • Newport XPS-RL Series (314)
    • Panasonic Minas A6 Series (308)
    • TQ Systems SDB-40-100 (310)
    • FAULHABER Drive (272)
    • Kollmorgen AKD Drive (309)
  • Adds and improves default support for the following EtherCAT I/O devices:
    • dieEntwickler RapidoScan (305)
    • Leuze bar code scanner BCL 338i (307)
  • Adds and improves default support for the following EtherCAT couplers:
    • Friedrich Lütze LCOS-BC-PN (312)
    • Phoenix Contact IL-EC-BK-PAC (311)
    • Weidmüller UR20-4DI-P (313)
    • Weidmüller UR20-FBC-EC (313)
    • Weidmüller UR67-MP-78-8DIDO-12-60M (313)