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Parvalux Electric Motors is a leading global manufacturer of geared motor solutions, chosen by manufacturers to power hundreds of diverse applications. We are particularly recognized for our work within the patientcare, transport, industrial automation and leisure industries.

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Motors for Honey Extractors

POSTED 07/14/2021

Parvalux has been powering professional and home-made honey extractors for many years. Honey extractors spin honeycomb at varying speeds to enable efficient extraction of honey. With many years' experience designing honey extractor electric motors, Parvalux products are trusted by honey producers, worldwide.

Why Choose Parvalux for Honey Extractor Motors?

Parvalux’s British-manufactured honey extractor motors are hand-crafted to be efficient and have a powerful, yet quiet operation.

We are regularly tasked with customizing our products to suit our customers’ specific requirements; if a manufacturer needs their honey extractor electric motor to run at a specific speed, we can offer a semi or fully customized electric motor that is perfectly suited to the application.