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Motion Solutions to Maximize Performance in Metrology and Inspection Systems

POSTED 12/02/2021

Join us to hear about advanced features that are improving the speed, resolution, motion, and measurement accuracy in high-precision multi-axis systems. Learn how to address complex problems that inhibit maximum achievable performance. Watch demonstrations that showcase performance benefits gained while employing unique motor amplifier technology and sophisticated servo control algorithms.

In semiconductor, flat panel display, bio-medical, and electronics industries - metrology and inspection often requires capturing millions of static and dynamic data in a short time. Reducing fractions of a second, or minimizing motion jitter during throughout this process provides obvious benefits and advantages.

Engineers, product managers, and business leaders seeking to learn about and evaluate new technologies that can enhance their machines' processing performance are welcomed to join this virtual seminar focused on metrology and inspection machine applications.

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Reasons Why You Shouldn't Miss It

Learn how to:
  1. Move and position metrology sensors and inspection heads faster
  2. Increase measurement accuracy and resolution
  3. Reduce image distortion due to motion vibration
  4. Minimize negative effects like jitter, resonances and more
  5. Improve process throughput
  • Introduction
  • Metrology & Inspection System Motion Challenges
  • Nanometer Resolution PWM Motor Amplifier Technology
  • Advanced Motion Profile Generation
  • Autonomous Learning-Based Control Algorithms
  • Real-Time Algorithms for Dynamic Adaptive Control
  • Q&A

We look forward to your attendance!

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