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NVIDIA offers a complete end-to-end robotics platform to enable development of modern AI robots. From data generation to simulation to app development to deployment, NVIDIA’s complete offering will help usher in the next wave of autonomous machines.

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Join NVIDIA at GTC to See How to Transform the Future with Robotics

POSTED 10/27/2021

Join leaders from NVIDIA, along with key partners and experts, as they share their vision for the future of AI and robotics at GTC next month (Nov. 8 - 11). More than 15 sessions will be presented covering autonomous machines and robotics-specific topics ranging from manufacturing automation to robotics research and learning. 

Below, we highlight five robotics sessions at GTC that will give you the expertise to quickly and easily scale up your next edge AI or robotics project. We look forward to showing you our latest tools and technology, and then seeing how you use what you’ve learned to create the next significant (or perhaps, tiny) breakthrough with robotics. 

A Giant Leap for Edge AI and Robotics

NVIDIA Jetson: A Giant Leap Forward for Edge AI and Robotics: Join NVIDIA’s Deepu Talla to find out how the Jetson platform is transforming major industries with a giant leap in AI and ML on NVIDIA GPU-accelerated embedded edge computing systems. Learn how you can streamline your edge AI and robotics development with our cloud native software stack, pretrained models, application frameworks, and the growing ecosystem that enables fast go to market. Deepu will also cover the latest product roadmap and key hardware features to deploy cutting-edge systems with groundbreaking AI performance. 

Tap Into the Power of AI and Robotics Simulation

Isaac Sim 2021.2: Building Blocks For Simulating Manipulation, Navigation, and Synthetic Data Generation: During this session, Hammad Mazhar, Lead Simulation Engineer at NVIDIA, along with Qian Wan, Robotics and AI Research Engineer at NVIDIA, will demonstrate how to build simulation workflows centered around manipulation, navigation, and synthetic data generation using NVIDIA Isaac Sim 2021.2. Specifically, for manipulation and navigation, he will discuss integrating Isaac Sim into existing ROS/ROS2 applications using their native Python interfaces. For synthetic data generation, he will cover using the NVIDIA Omniverse RTX renderer for large-scale data generation using Jupyter Notebooks, interactive UI, and native Python scripting. 

Unlock Intelligent Robots with Edge AI

Accelerating Robotics with NVIDIA Isaac ROS: Develop new features and increase the capabilities of your robot using new Isaac GEMs for ROS packages. These open-source ROS2 packages will accelerate perception from camera through deep learning inference, unlocking intelligent robots with edge AI. With new ROS2 packages to leverage hardware accelerators built into NVIDIA Jetson, Isaac ROS can help with image processing, object detection and tracking, visual odometry, and AprilTag pose estimation. NVIDIA's Raffaello Bonghi will also demonstrate how to integrate these Isaac GEMs for ROS on a Jetson-based robot (the small but mighty Nanosaur). 

NVIDIA and Open Robotics Collaborate on ROS 

Open-Source Robotics at 20: The recent announcement of the partnership between NVIDIA and Open Robotics will accelerate ROS performance on NVIDIA Jetson and enable interoperability for Open Robotics’s Ignition Gazebo and NVIDIA Isaac Sim on Omniverse. At GTC, you will hear Open Robotics' CEO, Brian Gerkey, discuss this new partnership and the future of ROS.

Sometimes It is Best to Start Small 

Begin Your AI Journey with NVIDIA Jetson Nano: Learn how to launch an AI application on a Jetson Nano, the most performance- and cost-efficient edge AI platform. During a hands-on demo, Asier Arranz Jimenez, Developer Marketing at NVIDIA, will start from scratch, and take you from installation to deployment of AI models that detect objects and perform computer vision tasks such as image segmentation. 

To make the most of your GTC experience, register for free now and then add these robotics sessions to your event scheduler. Also, be sure to watch NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s GTC keynote address streaming on Nov. 9 and in replay.