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Computar lenses have set the world standard through pioneering design, manufacture and global sales. Introduced in the USA during the mid-1970s, Computar lenses have continued to meet security challenges globally for more than 30 years. Our lens product line includes megapixel, telecentric, macro-zoom, IR and other lenses for industry, military, science, video surveillance, machine vision, intelligent transportation systems, life sciences and defense. Custom optical design and manufacturing are available for special applications.

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Introducing Computar's 520-1300mm SWIR Reflex Zoom Lens

POSTED 03/26/2024

March 15, 2024, Mebane, NC— Computar®, the leading Japanese lens manufacturer in machine vision and surveillance operated by the CBC Group, Computar announced the release of the E3Z5247P-MPSW, a 1.3MP, 1520 - 1300mm ViSWIR Reflex Zoom lens for super-telephoto applications.

The C-mount E3Z5247P-MPSW is compact, lightweight, and engineered for the latest 1/1.8" visible + SWIR imaging sensors (IMX990/IMX99145).

The reflex zoom lens is designed for a working distance of 25m to infinity. Its distinctive photosensitive design allows for optimal performance between 400 and 1700nm and has an adjustable back-focus mechanism.

According to Terry Sekiya, Senior Vice President of Imaging and Information Technology at CBC AMERICA, "The lens uses a longer wavelength, lowering the scattering coefficient, which means the SWIR imaging is optimized and objects can be seen further away."

The ViSWIR reflex zoom has been added to Computar's award-winning ViSWIR series, a hyper / multi-spectral lens series created for the latest visible + SWIR imaging sensors. Computar offers an extensive selection of models suitable for various sensor types and almost any application. For more information, go to computar.com/viswir.

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Computar Optics, a part of the CBC Group, has set the world standard for lenses by pioneering new, innovative lenses constantly that surpass the competition. With a solid foundation based on Japanese engineering and agile production facilities worldwide, Computar continues to manufacture the highest-quality optical products. Computar's team of experts is dedicated to research and development and continues to push the boundaries of lens technology, ensuring that its optics exceed the expectations of diverse industries, including machine vision, life sciences, transportation, and security.