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LINAK® produces electric linear actuator solutions to create smooth movement in a variety of very different applications. From healthcare to agriculture, comfort furniture, office interior, or industrial automation – the number of possibilities is almost endless. Explore and be inspired across the broad spectrum of business areas already serviced by LINAK.

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Built for extra endurance, the new Long Life actuator goes the full distance

POSTED 04/12/2021

When failure is not an option, we deliver! For applications which are reliable and long-lasting, you need solutions that can go the extra mile – and then some. Built for ultimate endurance, the new LA36 Long Life has the staying power to perform longer. With its proven extended lifetime, it simply keeps going when others fail.

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A longer lifetime for less outlay

If you choose an electric actuator for your application, it is hard to find a solution that both meets your lifetime requirements while remaining affordable. Before the new Long Life actuator, you had the choice of specifying other more expensive technology, such as servo drives or using an electric actuator that does not meet lifetime requirements - adding the cost of service and downtime to your application; now, with the LA36 Long Life, you get a minimum of 200,000 cycles at maximum load and maximum duty cycle. This allows you to deliver long-life confidence with less service and downtime.


Simply plug and play

Existing solutions are not easy to integrate and install – particularly for battery-driven applications, such as autonomous vehicles in material handling and agriculture. With the new LA36 Long Life you can forget about integration hassle with a plug and play solution using fewer components for easy installation. And when it comes to precision control, installing external sensors is a thing of the past: With an Integrated Controller and CAN bus you get full control without the need for additional components, plus you get access to all the data you need – making troubleshooting easy.

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Staying power for a competitive edge

The new LA36 Long Life gives you more options for your next demanding application. Simple to install, easy to integrate and extremely durable, it gives your application the stamina and intelligence to stay ahead of the competition.

If you need information about the LA36 Long Life actuator, please explore the product page, visit the Tech and Trend section or contact us directly.