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Futura Automation Partners with Garmo Instruments for North American Market

POSTED 01/02/2024

Introducing GarLine R

One-of-a kind sensor with multiple possibilities for robotic welding.

Get the most of robotic welding with GarLine R for industrial welding robots.


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Smart and flexible welding

Given sensor’s robust design and technically advanced electronics, welding process is made easier, faster and better. Sensor can successfully perform in harsh environmental conditions, ensuring live tracking.

Seam tracking

Real-time look-ahead seam tracking for an outstanding welding guidance. This function significantly reduces programming time.

Seam search

Sensor finds the seam start and end points and redirects the robot arm towards them.


Sensor scans 4 weld positions and locates the welding trajectory. GarLine R measures rotation and translation in 3 axes each, calculating in total 6 seam position.

And much more! Find out more GarLine R benefits and functions on our YouTube Channel!

Plug&Play Installation

GarLine R sensors are designed to offer easy integration on industrial robots for welding. For the first time, only one standard Cat6e cable and a PoE switch are required for a complete integration —  no additional devices, nor computers needed.

Control GarLine R directly from robot's Teach Pendant. GarLine R integrated on the industrial robot will ease the welding process, thanks to some unique features.