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CENIT North America provides the development and implementation of digital manufacturing solutions. We have a background in offline-programming, simulation and process integration for robots and special machines. In addition to these offline-programming applications (OLP) we offer customer-specific software developments and

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FASTSUITE Edition 2 for Robot-supported Surface Processes

POSTED 09/24/2020

CENIT extends the technology portfolio covered by FASTSUITE Edition 2 with new functionalities that now also include the surface-based applications for painting, spraying and coating.

Surface-based applications are among the most demanding tasks in automotive and aerospace production. They serve a variety of processes, starting with body protection and surface preparation to the creation of the final appearance, which ultimately has a strong influence on the perception of the products. The technology must thus meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

The use of robots for spraying applications has already proven itself in practice. One of the main advantages is their ability to follow complex three-dimensional paths. Manual processes cannot guarantee this with the same precision and iteration.

Thanks to new surface-based functionalities, FASTSUITE Edition 2 enables manufacturers to create, simulate and analyze spray applications and refine spray patterns, surface coverage, spray cone expansion and application speeds. All this is done regardless of the robot brand or model - and before the real robot system even exists.

Versatile visualization tools such as surface coating time color mapping and spray cone display, which are integrated in FASTSUITE Edition 2, allow visualization of spray coverage during the offline programming and optimization phase.

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