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EPSON Robots is the global leader in PC controlled precision factory automation with a product line of hundreds of easy-to-use SCARA, Cartesian and 6-axis robots. Our industry leading EPSON RC+ PC based control software and powerful integrated options such as vision guide, conveyor tracking, .NET controls, force sensing, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, GUI Builder, security option and more help reduce development time, improve system performance and save you money. Building on a 30-year heritage, EPSON delivers robots for precision assembly and material handling applications in the aerospace, appliance, automotive, biotechnology, consumer product, electronics, food processing, medical device, pharmaceutical, plastics, semiconductor and telecommunication industries.

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EPSON Robots Announces Distributor of the Year 2015 - IRBY Company

POSTED 10/01/2015

In Honor of Outstanding Achievement of an Exceptional Sales Year

Carson, CA – EPSON Robots, the global leader in Industrial SCARA Robots, recognizes IRBY Company, as Distributor of the Year 2015 for an outstanding year in Industrial Robot and Automation sales for the 2015 fiscal year. Through hard work, and consistent customer focus, IRBY Company uncovered new opportunities and helped automate many factories throughout the southern US states helping to keep manufacturing strong in the US.

“IRBY Company’s commitment to excellence, hard work and customer focus are some of the core elements that helped them achieve the EPSON Robots Distributor of the Year Award”, stated Michael Ferrara, Director of EPSON Robots. “Through the 3 years we have been working with IRBY Company, they have grown in knowledge and sales volume to become not only a top EPSON Robots sales channel but a key partner in helping to automate factories throughout the southern US states.”

Mike Blankenship, Automation Manager for IRBY Company, stated “IRBY is grateful and proud to have the opportunity to partner with EPSON Robots. EPSON offers IRBY the chance to provide a broader range of automation solutions to our customers in a variety of manufacturing environments.”

IRBY Company and EPSON Robots share a common goal of focusing on outstanding customer service for every customer, every time, and that dedication and focus has yielded outstanding customer loyalty for IRBY Company. IRBY's customers rely on them to bring more than just automation and electrical components but instead they look for reliable solutions to real world problems and Irby delivers.

The EPSON Robots Distributor of the Year award recognizes distributors who go above and beyond in their efforts to actively promote and sell EPSON Robots. Since EPSON Robots first came to the North and South American market back in 1984, EPSON Robots has established a sophisticated distributor network which ensures the worldwide distribution of its products. Our distributors provide manufacturing facilities in a wide variety of industries with outstanding automation products and services tailored help automate, reduce costs and improve yields to remain competitive in the global marketplace of today.

EPSON Robots is proud to be a partner with IRBY Company, a company whose consistent allegiance, forward thinking, hard work and commitment have proven to be a dynamic advantage and invaluable alliance. We look forward to continue growing our partnership and business with IRBY Company for many years to come.

About IRBY Company
Established in 1926, IRBY Company was one of the key players to bring electricity to the rural South. Today, IRBY Company’s new vision is to revolutionize the role of electrical distributors by transforming from the typical parts provider role to that of a high-value partner which provides comprehensive electrical and automation solutions. For almost 3 years, IRBY Company has had great success selling EPSON Robots’ G-Series and LS-Series SCARA robots to key industries including: Automotive, Food and Consumer Goods. Part of what has made EPSON Robots and IRBY Company’s relationship successful, is the ability to provide their clients with great response times, good technical people that know their applications and products, and providing solid solutions to tough technical problems.

About EPSON Robots
EPSON Robots is the worldwide leading manufacturer of Industrial SCARA Robots. With an installed base of over 45,000 robots and a product line of hundreds of models of easy to use SCARA, 6-axis and Cartesian robots based on a common PC based platform, EPSON Robots are busy building everything from chainsaws and electronic toothbrushes, to hard drives and auto parts. Building on a 30 year heritage, EPSON Robots today delivers robots for precision assembly and material handling applications in the aerospace, appliance, automotive, biotechnology, consumer product, electronics, food processing, medical device, pharmaceutical, plastics, semiconductor, and telecommunication industries.

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Rick Brookshire
Tel: (562) 290-5910

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