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5-Axis Wafer Stage for Semiconductor Processing, Multi-Axis Air Bearing

POSTED 02/14/2022

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The 5-axis wafer stage by air bearing manufacturer and supplier P I USA provides the precision and performance required in semiconductor front-end/back-end processes (wafer processing operation and assembly process).  Its low profile design allows for easy integration.

Applications of the 5-axis air bearing stage include:

    Multi-Axis indexing, positioning
    Wafer/substrate test and inspection
    Scanning, metrology
    ACS based alignment solutions for production test and packaging needs
    Direct-write lithography
    µLED fabrication
    Clean room applications

The multi-axis nanopositioning system is based on an A-311 planar XY-air bearing stage with long travel range up to 300mm and a special low-profile 3-axis Z-Tip-Tilt stage.   The multi-axis positioning stage is operated by an idustrial 6-axis high precision motion controller.  

The 5-axis system in motion can be seen in this video at the SPIE 2022 Photonics West Conference.

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