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Yaskawa America, Inc. - Drives & Motion Division delivers innovative industrial control and automation products to markets in the Americas. Our drives and servo systems are applicable to a wide variety of Automation tasks in a wide variety of industries. The purpose is usually to control speed, torque, position or some other process variable. Yaskawa is the world’s largest manufacturer of ac drives and motion control products, including adjustable frequency drives, servo amplifiers, servomotors, machine controllers, and motion controllers.

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Yaskawa to Expand its India Motion Control Business through its New Subsidiary

POSTED 06/11/2010

Yaskawa Electric Corporation announces that it has established its new subsidiary in India, aiming at expanding Indian marketplace for motion control products. Since 1990's, Yaskawa has deployed business in India and provided motion control products to infrastructure, environmental and industrial machinery industries.  The company, through its sales channel partners has already an established business in India.

The India economy continued to grow even as the world markets experience uncertainty and negative growth since the latter half of 2008.  While the recovery has been anemic in most parts, the Indian recovery has been quick to recover and has been very encouraging for several global automation suppliers including those from Japan.  And Yaskawa is no exception. Yaskawa believes the on-going demand increase can be expected to continue, well into the future.
Incorporation of the Indian entity is scheduled for the end of August 2010 in the suburbs of Bangalore, India, the new company will be called YASKAWA India Private Limited and production is expected to begin in January 2011
The local corporation in India, once established will manufactures and market drive and servo products.  It is not only aimed at meeting the increased demands but also enhance its competitiveness through shortened delivery and reduced cost.  Furthermore, through improved collaborations with its existing sales channel partners, Yaskawa intends to strengthen marketing capabilities and network in India.  The company’s stated strategic focus is to enhance customer satisfaction by providing timely deliveries and also catering to diversified user demands.
ARC believes this is an excellent move on part of Yaskawa as it would be one of the few global companies venturing into production with the clear objective of being closer to the customer. Indian end

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users have always been appreciateve of automation suppliers with local manufacturing facilities which will help enhance Yaskawa's standing in the growing Indian marketplace.

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