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As supplier of linear and torque motors we provide specialized motor technology and integration in customers motion solutions. Tecnotion direct drive motors are seamless integrated in a wide range of applications. We direct drive your motion technology!

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Tecnotion’s Direct Drive Motor Selection & Simulation Tool

POSTED 10/04/2018

Tecnotion’s Direct Drive Motor Selection & Simulation ToolAlmelo, The Netherlands – Tecnotion launched its new online simulation tool. This new online tool replaces our offline tool. With the new calculation tool, you can simulate motor behavior under different conditions and with different movement profiles. All in a very dynamic environment.

Are you favoring maximum velocity above everything else? Or are you going for maximum efficiency or cost effectiveness? At all times you can change movement profiles, application parameters and motor types. The software will calculate the new results on the fly. This way you can experiment with different scenarios and quickly find the one that best suits your application.
Four easy steps to use the tool
When signed in on the simulation tool webpage you can choose how to start the simulation. First, select a specific motor type and series. Then, select a specific motor that is suitable based on the necessary force. As a third step, add one or more movement profiles, in order to reflect real life movement, and change the application data, to play, for example, with thermal and mechanical properties. Finally, the tool will show a graph with every relevant parameter, and a table with the relevant values of these parameters. You can see in an instant that the motor is suitable or not. The inserted data can be adjusted easily. While adjusting, all the graphs and the displayed tabulated values are changing immediately, allowing you to find the optimal situation very smoothly.
Not only the usability of the tool has been increased, also a lot of new features have been adopted. For example, all motors that can be found in the Tecnotion catalogues - iron core, ironless and torque - are now available to choose. Moreover, it is possible to save all the created simulations inside the tool, and adjust them in a later stage. In the torque motor simulations, there is an option to switch between degrees, radians and revolutions. For American users, there is a possibility to use imperial units, instead of SI units. If you need help with a simulation, click on the help button in the tool and enter your contact of choice. You can also request for a quotation right away.