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Nanotec Electronic is a leading manufacturer of motors and controllers/drives for high-performance motion control solutions. As an R&D driven company, we strive to create drive solutions that closely meet the needs and requirements of our customers – from standard solutions to custom designs. Nanotec products are used primarily in automation systems, laboratory automation, medical technology, the packaging industry and semiconductor manuffacturing. Visit our website to find the right brushle

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Stepper Motor with Superior EMC Performance

POSTED 05/08/2015

Nanotec SC3518 series 2-phase hybrid stepper motorsFeldkirchen/Germany – With its new SC3518 series, Nanotec launches stepper motors which not only feature a very high torque but also have excellent EMC properties.

The motors of the SC3518 series are 2-phase hybrid stepper motors with frame size NEMA 14 (35 mm) and a 1.8° step angle. Depending on the motor length, their torque is between 0.18 and 0.32 Nm.

Like all motors of the SC series from Nanotec, the new stepper motor is connected via an integrated connector that enables easy cable adaption to any customer application.

The two outer pins of the connector are attached to the motor housing. Together with the shielded cable, which is standard equipment, this creates a shield connection with excellent EMC performance. Interference from motor line radiation, which can cause problems in existing sensors is effectively suppressed.

The motors are available with a shaft end for open-loop or sensorless control or with an integrated optical encoder NOE1 with up to 2000 increments/rotation.

On account of their high torque yet small size, motors of the SC3518 series are ideal for use in laboratory automation or service robotics.

About Nanotec
Nanotec is a leading manufacturer of motors and controllers for high-quality drive solutions. The company has been developing and marketing a broad range of products since 1991. Nanotec technology is primarily used in automation systems, laboratory automation, medical devices, the packaging industry, and semiconductor production. Nanotec has its company headquarters in Feldkirchen near Munich with subsidiaries in ChangZhou, China, and Medford/MA, USA.

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