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New Sinamics Startdrive Enables the Seamless Integration of Sinamics G- Drives into a TIA Portal

POSTED 02/05/2013

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) PortalCHICAGO — Siemens announced today that the latest version of the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal now gives users the ability to commission and configure Sinamics G120 drives using Sinamics Startdrive.

As an engineering framework designed for maximum efficiency and ease of operation, TIA Portal offers seamless integration of the drive system using Version 12 of Sinamics Startdrive. 

This allows users to quickly and easily configure Sinamics G120 drives from a single graphical user interface.  The same applies to drive parameterization, which is easy-to-handle thanks to the use of graphical screens.  The task-based sorting of drive functions reduces the start-up time for users as they are guided directly to functions via the specific task.  As with the Simatic programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in TIA Portal, the Sinamics drive is also displayed as a station in the project navigator.  Simotics motors can be easily integrated into the engineering framework via Sinamics Startdrive. In addition, optimized safety function views have been integrated into Startdrive to ensure efficient commissioning of safe drive systems, which means that engineering for standard and safety-based programs can be implemented with TIA Portal.

Efficient drive engineering in TIA Portal is possible thanks to the identical handling of controllers, human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and drives.  Sinamics G120 drives can be configured in the same manner as an existing controller.  The hardware catalog stored in the program can be used to add components.  Bus connections can also be made via simple drag-and-drop.  Since TIA Portal’s library is used, uniform data storage and consistency are assured.  Existing parameterization can be reused in the same or in a different project via the library.  Additionally, since the power module is easily replaced via drag-and-drop menus, engineering can be quickly modified even when power requirements change. This saves time when implementing follow-up projects.
Communication settings are uniform for every device as a part of the integrated device and network configuration, avoiding duplicate entries and consistency errors.  The package includes the Profidrive drive profile for all industry-based applications, as well as Profisafe for failsafe communication.  Using Step 7 Motion Control to optimize interaction between the Simatic S7-1500 controller can reduce the time and effort involved in engineering and Sinamics G120 drives.
The uniform application engineering for controller and drive includes a guided configuration and parameterization of Sinamics drives and allows fast access from the Portal view.

Sinamics Startdrive permits intuitive and efficient drive diagnostics.  Information and status messages are displayed without the need for programming.  As part of the uniform display concept, status messages for the drive are available in plain text in TIA Portal, the CPU display, the HMI and the web server.  Detailed information can be called up in the diagnostic and online editors, which support fast troubleshooting and help to significantly reduce downtimes. 

The new Sinamics Startdrive features an integrated trace function to optimize motion sequences and increase application productivity.  Up to eight signals can be monitored in two separate trace jobs simultaneously.  User guidance is identical to Simatic-S7-1500-Trace, with controller and drive traces being managed centrally in TIA Portal, making the complete diagnosis possible without the need for an additional tool.  Since the motion sequences are intuitively recorded and optimized, there is less mechanical stress on the machine or system.

Siemens is continuing to develop TIA Portal with the intention of opening up the intelligent engineering framework for more and more hardware components.  The ultimate goal is to reduce the time and effort required for engineering, thereby, maximizing efficiency in order to boost user productivity and competitiveness.  TIA Portal's intuitive and efficient software architecture allows users to design every engineering and production process throughout the entire value chain from one single screen.

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Sinamics Startdrive from Siemens now enables seamless integration of the drive system into the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal.

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