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Motor feedback systems for servo motors: high-resolution and compact

POSTED 07/06/2019

Sendix S36

  • High precision
  • Compact design
  • Robust design
  • Dimension Ø 36 mm
  • 2.048 ppr Incremental
  • 19 Bit Singleturn
  • 12 Bit Multiturn



Motor feedback systems for servo motors: high-resolution and compact

The Sendix S36 with optical singleturn and magnetic multiturn gears scores points with its combination of robustness and variety in a uniform compact dimension. With a size of 36.5 x 37 mm, it has a conical shaft or a plug-in shaft of 8 mm. Its high-precision optical electronics achieve a resolution of 19 bits. The incremental SinCos interface is available with 1024 or 2048 ppr.

Reliable and insensitive

  • Robust design for optimum functionality in the servo motor.
  • Wide temperature range from -30 to +120°C – specially designed for use in servo motors.
  • Special plug concept for fast and problem-free commissioning.

Performance optimized

  • Standard interface RS485 (Hiperface® 1) compatible)
    + SinCos for use in many standard servomotors.
  • Top performance by using max. 19-bit single-turn resolution, as well as 1024 or 2048 ppr SinCos.
  • Mechanically suitable for attachment to standard servo motors.