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Mechatronics and the Design of Intelligent Machines and Systems

POSTED 09/27/2006

Mechatronics and the Design of Intelligent Machines and Systems


David Allan Bradley
University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland

Derek Seward
Lancaster University, UK

David Dawson
Lancaster University, UK

Stuart Burge
The Burge Hughes Walsh Partnership, Warwickshire, UK 

  • Provides a comprehensive introduction to mechatronics 
  • Reflects current areas of development
  • Focuses on the importance of systems integration
  • Demonstrates the theory, concepts, and techniques through a case study followed through several chapters

Mechatronics as a discipline has an ever growing impact on engineering and engineering education as a defining approach to the design, development, and operation of an increasingly wide range of engineering systems. The increasing scope and complexity of mechatronic systems means that their design and development now involve not only the technical aspects of its core disciplines, but also aspects of organization, training, and management.

Mechatronics and the Design of Intelligent Machines and Systems reflects the significant areas of development in mechatronics and focuses on the higher-level approaches needed to support the design and implementation of mechatronic systems. Throughout the book, the authors emphasize the importance of systems integration. Each chapter deals with a particular aspect of the design and development process, from the specification of the system to software design and from the human-machine interface to the requirements for safe operation and effective manufacture.

Notable among this text's many features is the use of a running case study-the autonomous and robotic excavator LUCIE-to illustrate points made in various chapters. This, combined with the authors' clear prose, systematic organization, and generous use of examples and illustrations provides students with a firm understanding of mechatronics as a discipline, some of the problems encountered in its various areas, and the developing techniques used to solve those problems.

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