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MCA Webinar Series

POSTED 03/23/2012

MCA 2014 Webinar Series and Archived Webinars

2014 Motion Control Online Webinar Schedule 

Driving Your Motor: From Novice to Expert
Building Your Own BLDC Motor

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December 9, 2014

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Machine Maintenance: Learn Easy Ways to Make Your Machine Last Longer
  • Recorded Version

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Understanding Integrated Components and What They Can Do For You Sponsored by:


Industrial Ethernet Comparison for Motion Control Applications Sponsored by:


Advances in Multi-axis Industrial Ethernet Based Motion Control Systems

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ACS Motion Control

ADLINK Technology Inc.


Designing an Optimal Rotary Motion Joint for Robotics and Factory Automation

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Five Applications Where Motion Control Can Take You to the Next Level Sponsored by:

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The Evolution of Ethernet in Motion Control

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PC Control, Observer Control and Convergence of PLC Programming and IT  
Innovations in PWM Drive Technology for Nanometer Level Motion Control Applications Sponsored by:
ACS Motion Control

How Do You Know When It's Time to Upgrade Your Line - And How To Do It Successfully?

Industrial machines are typically designed to last for decades. As a result of wear, changing application demands, and new capabilities, however, most machines can benefit from an upgrade within a decade of commissioning. In this webinar, we will discuss how to determine when it's time to upgrade, upgrade strategies that will ensure success, and techniques make your system scalable to future demand.


Extreme Environment Operation of DC Servo Motors: What are the Challenges and What is Required? 

This webinar will discuss:

  • How to size a motor for a particular application
  • How key motor data change with ambient temperature and environment they run in
  • How to make a DC motor “Heavy Duty” and how the outcome is tested at maxon

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Ten Motion Control Trends to Watch in 2014

Motion control has become ubiquitous in application areas as varied as industrial automation and genetic analysis. As the applications become ever more demanding, more sophisticated solutions arise to meet the challenge, ranging from smart components to networking to the observer control. Here, we present 10 trends in motion control to watch in 2014.
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