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Kyntronics Launches Servo Power Unit Product Line

POSTED 03/28/2023


Kyntronics is announcing the release of the Servo Power Unit (SPU) product line. The SPU combines proven technologies into an innovative new power unit with servo actuation control.

The SPU product line was developed as an alternative to Kyntronics SMART Electro-Hydraulic Actuator (SHA) for those instances where the All-In-One SHA is not able to fit into the available space envelope. It’s compact size allows the SPU to be located very close to the cylinder reducing losses and improving control. Unlike traditional hydraulic power units, the SPU offers several advantages including energy saving power-on-demand.

The Servo Power Unit offers many user benefits including: precise position, speed and force control, compact size, and high force density. It connects to a customer-supplied cylinder through robust quick connect fittings. The SPU can be located close to the cylinder reducing footprint and reducing hose length.

SPUs are ideal in rugged applications that cause damage and pre-mature failure with screw-type actuators. Since the SPU comes as a complete package that is factory-tuned and ready to install, it saves customers hours of time. In addition, the Kyntronics SPU solution has a simple setup and integration with common networks, including CanBus, Ethernet, Modbus and others.

This solution was used in a recent project for the U.S. military. The project involved a special configuration of the new Kyntronics Servo Power Unit (SPU) product line containing two SPU banks with five SPU drives each along with manual backup drive. The system includes a control panel and operator console to communicate with the drives. The Servo Power Unit System also allows the system to be operated manually in the event of a power outage. By using a handheld drill on the backup pump, the SPU bank can manually raise or stow the cylinder.

The Kyntronics Servo Power Unit other features include:

  • Servo controlled
  • Works with most any cylinder
  • Standard ISO 16028 3/8” cylinder connections
  • Up to 9.88 cc/rev fluid flow at 3,000 PSI
  • Smooth control that eliminates abrupt flow changes and stress on hoses / connections
  • Dynamic Braking for smooth control with an over-riding load
  • High Efficiency
  • Network Connectivity

You can find out more about our Servo Power Units or watch our SPU Overview video to see details of the special military project.