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Technosoft is a leading gloval manufacturer of motion control products, offering intelligent OEM drive solutions for universal control of AC servo, Stepper, and CD Motors. All products are fully programmable, enabling distributed control via RS232, RS485, CANopen, and EtherCAT networks. A full compliment of software tools, including EasyMotion Studio and host level libraries are offered to speed development of motion and machine control applications.

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iPOS4808 MY - A Compact Drive Solution for Rotary or Linear Brushless, DC Brush and Step Motors

POSTED 02/05/2015

Technosoft has just added a new powerful member to its iPOS family of intelligent drives – the iPOS4808 MY.

Like all other Technosoft drives, the iPOS4808 MY embeds advanced motor control functions, as well as motion control and PLC features into a plug-in module (60 x 43.6 x 12.4 mm). Equipped with CAN/CAN open and optionally with Ether CAT interfaces, the iPOS provides a flexible, cost effective and compact solution adapted to the decentralized / coordinated control of any rotary or linear brushless, DC brush or step motor of powers up to 400 W, with 50 V nominal voltage.

For high end positioning applications, iPOS4808 MY supports dual loop feedback configuration as well as on-board interface for BiSS/SSI encoders. A faster MotionChip processor together with larger program and data memory than it's predecessors allow iPOS4808 MY to offer powerful control algorithms including multiple bi-quad filters for improved motion trajectory with resonance rejection. Autotuning setup routines are under development for rapid commissioning of any motor from the various technologies supported.

The drive setup, tuning and motion programming are simple with EasyMotion Studio and Technosoft Motion Language (TML). Thanks to its embedded intelligence, iPOS4808 is an intelligent drive programmable at users level. In systems that request a host, the iPOS drives operates as an intelligent slave executing motion sequences triggered by input lines or commands received via RS-232, CAN bus or Ether CAT communication.

Advanced positioning profiles like the PVT or electronic caming, I/O and program flow control, data transfer between axes, subroutines, ISRs and multiple homing modes ease the motion application implementation task.

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