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GAM Introduces the EDC Elastomer Drive Shaft Coupling

POSTED 03/16/2015

Mount Prospect, IL – GAM, a leading manufacturer of precision gear reducers, couplings, and linear mounting kits, introduces the EDC Elastomer Drive Shaft Coupling product line.

GAM Introduces the EDC Elastomer Drive Shaft Couplinghe EDC is the latest addition to GAM's family of zero backlash drive shaft coupling solutions.  Offered in four sizes with torque ratings up to 110Nm, the EDC is available in standard lengths up to 3m.  Longer lengths are possible if application information is provided during sizing.  There are three elastomer insert options (98Sh-D, 92Sh-A, 72Sh-D) for different levels of torsional rigidity, vibration dampening, and misalignment compensation. 

The EDC has a split hub design for easy installation as the coupling can be installed by placing it directly over the corresponding shafts.  The shafts can remain fixed and do not need to be retracted during installation to get proper shaft engagement.

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“Our customers were looking for an economical drive shaft solution with a short leadtime,” said Mike Parzych, Product Marketing Manager at GAM, “We developed the EDC to fulfill this market requirement while maintaining the level of quality and performance customers have come to expect from GAM.”

Please visit www.gamweb.com for more information on the EDC including fully configurable CAD models.

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