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Ewellix is a global supplier of linear motion and actuation solutions with over 50 years of knowledge of linear drive systems (ball and roller screws), linear guiding systems (linear guides and tables) and actuation systems. Our extensive experience and knowledge of actuation systems allows us to satisfy the most demanding requirements utilizing linear actuators, telescopic pillars and control units. With our actuation systems, you can rely on products and services that are designed to meet the unique demands of your application and specific conditions.

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Ewellix launches open linear ball bearings with enhanced performance

POSTED 06/17/2020

The new D-series offers increased load ratings, improved running behaviour and a simplified mounting procedure. 
Ever since it was launched, the new generation of D-series linear ball bearings has excelled thanks to its enhanced performance and higher load ratings. Now all the advantages of the D-series are integrated in the open linear ball bearings LBCT D and LBCF D for supported shafts.
Thanks to the raceway’s optimized geometry and the larger rolling elements, Ewellix has been able to increase the dynamic load rating of the new generation by up to 40 percent compared with the previous model. Users benefit from an increase in rating life by a factor of up to 2.7 or can downsize and use smaller bearings with higher load ratings, saving installation space and reducing weight.
The new open linear ball bearings LBCT D and LBCF D enable fast production cycles and high output. They permit accelerations of up to 100 m/s² and a maximum speed of 5 m/s and operate at ambient temperatures of between -20 and +80 degrees Celsius.
Thanks to clearly visible markings indicating the main load direction and the lubrication port position on the front, users can install and replace the linear ball bearings quickly and easily. The LBCT D variant with its straight raceways offers excellent rigidity, while the LBCF D is the self-aligning variant. This design can compensate bearing or shaft misalignment of up to ±30 minutes of arc and can automatically balance out alignment errors.
The improved cage design, the larger raceways, the optimized ball recirculation, and the larger grease reservoir give the D-series linear ball bearings extremely smooth running, low friction and reduced noise.
The bearings can seamlessly replace the previous version and can be used in countless applications and under demanding conditions – from traditional machine and plant construction, to handling and transport, to medical applications. Options include lightweight linear bearing units with aluminum housings, flanged bearing units, tandem and quadro variants.