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Ewellix is a global supplier of linear motion and actuation solutions with over 50 years of knowledge of linear drive systems (ball and roller screws), linear guiding systems (linear guides and tables) and actuation systems. Our extensive experience and knowledge of actuation systems allows us to satisfy the most demanding requirements utilizing linear actuators, telescopic pillars and control units. With our actuation systems, you can rely on products and services that are designed to meet the unique demands of your application and specific conditions.

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Ewellix launches new actuator reducing time and costs for car manufacturers

POSTED 10/21/2019

The next generation CEMC Series electro-mechanical actuator, with inverted roller screw technology, has been designed by Ewellix to help car manufacturers develop IoT- ready welding lines.

With an average of 300 welding robots operating on a production line, electro-mechanical actuation is already more reliable and energy efficient than pneumatic actuation. The new electro-mechanical actuator design from Ewellix, formerly SKF Motion Technologies, now delivers even greater flexibility, productivity and cost benefits to car manufacturers.

The new CEMC Series actuator is ultra-compact and has a set of built-in sensors which stops them from being exposed during the manufacturing process without impacting on the overall dimensions of the actuator. The sensors provide manufacturers with precision force measurements to ensure the optimum force is being applied by the welding gun to maintain a high-quality weld.

It is also 10 percent lighter than previous versions of the actuator, has a high load capacity of 25kN and linear speeds up to 300mm per second providing increased productivity. In addition, the actuator delivers up to 20 million spot welds over its lifetime which has doubled the period of time provided before needing to replace the welding gun.

The relubrication period has also been extended from every two to every 10 million spot welds, which means there is now only one relubrication required during the lifetime of the actuator. Car manufacturers can therefore also benefit from a major reduction in downtime and the obvious associated maintenance cost savings.

Stefano Gai, Global Product and Segment Manager, Actuation Systems, says: “Minimising the weight and dimensions of the actuator was key for delivering cost and productivity benefits. Manufacturers can now also use smaller robots to improve speed and operating range around the chassis assembly operation. The CEMC Series actuator has a specially designed hollow-shaft motor for the inverted roller screw technology. This means we’ve been able to develop the most compact actuator available, allowing easier integration and replacement.”

Weighing 12.5kg, the new CEMC Series actuator offers the best power-to-weight ratio on the market. Other features include flexible attachment options for front and rear plates, trunnions and rear attachments which delivers 336 different combinations for manufacturers. Ewellix can also offer bespoke attachment sizes and special greases.

Ewellix has developed the new, ultra-compact actuator in partnership with a number of OEMs. This guarantees that when fitted with different position feedback devices, it is compatible with robots manufactured by most common brands on the worldwide market.

Ewellix is a global innovator and manufacturer of Linear Motion and Actuation solutions used in industrial automation, medical applications and mobile machinery. Formerly part of SKF Group, the Ewellix Group consists of 16 sales units and nine factories. External net sales are approximately 2.3 SEK billion and we employ around 1400 people. Ewellix is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden and is owned by Triton.