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POSTED 08/21/2023

We are extremely honored to introduce our highly anticipated new product to everyone! 

The AK80-8 planetary gear motor has made a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of robotics and automation motors. After conducting in-depth research and analysis based on feedback from our valued customers, we are proud to officially launch this exciting product that will elevate the performance of your projects to new heights.

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The AK80-8 planetary gear motor offers reduction ratio of 8:1, enabling it to adapt to various application scenarios and provide a wider range of motion control capabilities for your robots. Additionally, we take pride in our dual encoder technology, which ensures exceptional precision and stability for your projects. Whether it's high-precision positioning or precise control, the AK80-8 is up to the task!

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We understand the critical importance of space utilization in the robotics industry. Traditional large-scale robots are often assembled by individually combining separate functional modules such as motors, gearboxes, encoders, and drivers. However, for projects with extremely demanding space requirements, this assembly method may fall short. Therefore, we have tailored the highly integrated AK series motors, including the AK80-8, to meet your specific needs. Its compact design and modular actuator structure allow for seamless adaptation to complex spatial layouts while facilitating production and maintenance, ultimately enhancing efficiency and reliability for your projects.

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