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Beckhoff USA Posts $134 M Revenue in 2022, Continues Relentless Growth Trajectory

POSTED 03/29/2023

The trailblazer in New Automation Technology boosted sales by 33.4% in the U.S. while increasing market share, adding talent and expanding office footprint

Beckhoff USA sales growth in 2022: revenue increased 33.4% to $134 million in the U.S.

Beckhoff Automation LLC generated impressive results in 2022, growing revenue to $134 million in the U.S., a remarkable increase of 33.4% over the previous year. Beckhoff’s strategic growth goes beyond the impressive sales figures – it crossed over into company footprint expansions and growing the U.S. team to 218 employees. President Kevin Barker attributes the successes to the growing awareness of PC-based automation benefits among technology leaders and continued digital transformation efforts at Beckhoff USA.

“We work side by side with the world’s leaders in electric vehicles, space exploration, sustainable energy, life sciences and other emerging high-tech industries. Our team of experienced engineers – combined with innovative new technologies – continues to be a critical enabler for the engineering teams at these visionary companies, empowering them to move faster and do more,” Barker said. “So we are seeing a decisive shift toward open, adaptive automation technologies that harmonize IT and OT. Beckhoff has been a leader in this trend for decades, so we don’t have to reinvent ourselves as innovative and disruptive. That’s just who we are.”

Kevin Barker, President of Beckhoff USABeckhoff has already helped transform many of its customers' businesses by implementing adaptive automation technologies in the field. Numerous adaptive manufacturing applications featuring the XPlanar “flying motion” system and the eXtended Transport System (XTS) took shape throughout the U.S. in 2022. The announcement of emerging technologies like the MX-System for cabinetless machine design and the new modular robot ATRO confirms Beckhoff’s relentless commitment to innovation and delivering cutting-edge automation technology.

Beckhoff USA continues the charge to deliver exceptional customer experiences by focusing on a strategic digital transformation. The company has invested in new business software and systems to enhance all areas, from sales and marketing to operations and customer support. Installation of a new automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), which began in late 2022, will further shorten lead and shipping times upon completion in mid-2023. Beckhoff achieved a 50% increase in local inventory in 2022 to buffer global supply chain challenges and is working to add another 50% increase in 2023.

“As an organization, doubling every three years is a huge challenge. However, we have the ability to think long-term and make the investments we need to not only sustain that growth but to accelerate it,” Barker said. “People are at the heart of what we do. By investing in great people and giving them the tools, support and freedom they need to be successful, we can meet that challenge.

“While there will continue to be global economic forces we can’t control, we can absolutely control how we prepare for uncertainty and respond to opportunities,” he added.

To support this growth, Beckhoff USA expanded its executive team. In the sales organization, Beckhoff promoted Jake Schieffer to Vice President of Sales, Steve Boelte to Regional Director – Central, Don Shanklin to Regional Director – Sales and Process Improvement, and David Emory to Director of Strategic Sales, overseeing strategic industry efforts and the Beckhoff Integrator Group in the U.S. Heading up the technical team, Beckhoff tapped Daymon Thompson as Director of Product Management, Matt Lecheler as Director of Application Engineering, and new hire Kevin Manton as Director of Engineering.

“We’re excited to be able to create so many opportunities for career growth at Beckhoff and to continue to build on the great team and culture we’ve created here,” Barker said.

Dedicated to mentoring and empowering young engineers, Beckhoff USA expanded its internship offering and doubled the program in 2022. After the program, Beckhoff hired 66% of the interns. This trend will continue as the company again doubles the number of interns in the program for 2023. The Associate Application Consultant position is another exciting opportunity launching at Beckhoff USA this year. As a part of this new program, recently graduated engineers will learn on the job and take on challenges in multiple departments at the automation leader’s offices across the U.S.

“Building an incredible, talented team remains critical for sustaining this level of growth. We’re building something amazing here and want amazing people to be part of it,” Barker said. “We will keep making investments in employees at every level, from bringing on skilled new hires to offering current team members opportunities for education and advancement. Our technologies never stop advancing, so we will ensure we have the people and infrastructure to ensure our customers’ success in 2023 and beyond.”

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