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ADVANCED Motion Controls® (AMC) designs, manufactures and supplies the highest performance servo drives and servo amplifiers available. From complete PWM servo control to custom servo solutions, AMC provides brushed and brushless motor drives with the latest in digital servo technology and analog servo expertise. AC servo and DC servo motor controllers are available for general servo automation or specific robot control. Our newest DigiFlex® Performance™ digital motion control servos includes positioning drive features as a more complete servo motor drive for AC and DC brushless servo motors, DC brush type servo motor, linear and rotary servo motors, closed loop vector motors, voice coils, inductive loads and actuators for precise motion control. Network connections for either centralized or distributed servo systems include: EtherCAT, Ethernet PowerLink, CANopen, RS232, RS485, Ethernet UDP/IP, Modbus TCP, and many other custom interfaces.

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ADVANCED Motion Controls® Selected for RBR50

POSTED 05/21/2019

Robotics Business Review has named ADVANCED Motion Controls® in the RBR50, their annual list of the top 50 companies in the robotics industry. RBR teamed up with IDC International Data Corporation) to select 2019’s winners, choosing from a variety of companies that make up the robotics industry. These companies include integrators, software designers, and, of course, component manufacturers like ADVANCED Motion Controls.

“The RBR50 showcases the best of the best in the world of commercial and industrial robotics,” - Keith Shaw, Robotics Business Review editor-in-chief.

Serving the Robotics Industry

ADVANCED Motion Controls (AMC) has over three decades of experience in the motion control industry, so they’re no stranger to robotics. Whether the application is providing steering control to mobile robots or operating joints in fixed robots, AMC’s servo drives have brought life to hundreds of different robotic applications. Their breadth of experience in the robotics industry allows AMC engineers to work closely with customers to create the best possible motion control solution for their robot.

AMC has developed many compact, high power density servo drives, including the recent FE060-25-EM drive from the FlexPro™ family. These compact drives are perfect for cobots (collaborative robots), AGVs, portable devices, lab and warehouse automation, military equipment, and any other integrated design. As Robots get more intricate with more individual moving parts, the need for compact drive solutions increases. AMC’s drives answer that need.

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About FlexPro™
FlexPro™ is AMC’s newest family of digital servo drives. With cutting edge engineering, FlexPro™ is meant to expand the capabilities of AMC’s already powerful and diverse product selection. The IMPACT™ architecture allows FlexPro™ servo drives to maintain the intelligence and power of larger-sized servo drives while fitting into much more compact packages. This opens up brand new possibilities in the robotics fields, as the power of AMC’s products can fit in tighter spaces than ever before. The FE060-25-EM is the first drive in the series with many more to come.

About ADVANCED Motion Controls
ADVANCED Motion Controls, a U.S. company in business for over 31 years, was founded with the idea of designing and manufacturing lower cost / higher power density servo drives. The company's focus remains to create and deliver the best motion control drives for brushed or brushless servo motors. With approximately 3 million servo axes shipped, ADVANCED Motion Controls has become one of the fastest growing servo drive companies in the world!

With ADVANCED Motion Controls ... Everything's possible.