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Wittenstein has been moving the world with precision technology in motion control for over 25 years. Since launching the alpha brand of servo planetary gear reducers in 1984, Wittenstein has branched beyond traditional motion by creating new servo solutions for customers and markets.

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High positioning accuracy Highlights Digital Signage System

POSTED 06/25/2020  | By: WITTENSTEIN with SIMTEC

ScreenFLITE® – this is the name of Simtec’s new, spectacular digital signage system, which went into operation in Terminal 3 at Rome-Fiumicino International Airport “Leonardo da Vinci” in summer 2018. With high dynamics and positioning accuracy, low-backlash planetary gearboxes and servo actuators from WITTENSTEIN alpha move twelve giant LED panels to create shape-shifting billboards in ever-changing formations. The digital signage advertising system was developed and manufactured by Simtec Systems GmbH of Braunschweig, Germany. 

ScreenFLITE® represents a totally new approach for using digital media content: whereas static LED or billboard advertising is characterized by low levels of perception, moving ads with electronic effects in 3D are an eye-catcher that promise significantly higher earnings.

 ScreenFLITE® consists of three rings that can be rotated jointly or against each other. Four LED displays mounted on each ring are moved in and out by scissor arms which can be extended or retracted by about 1100 millimeters. The arms at the top can be raised while those at the bottom can be lowered. Each display can also be rotated independently of the others about its vertical axis. The actual movement of the displays in practice depends on the programming by the content designer.

»The gearboxes have a space-saving design, making them ideal for integration into the narrow installation spaces. «

Among other things, Simtec makes test systems for vehicle components as well as simulator systems for the entertainment sector or in flight and driving simulation applications. For many years now, the company has trusted in WITTENSTEIN alpha solutions. Encouraged by the positive experience with TPM+ servo actuators in flight simulators, the TP+ low-backlash planetary gearboxes in the alpha Advanced Line and our TPM+ power rotary actuators were first choice when it came to the ScreenFLITE®’s kinematics.

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Inner values enable maximum dynamics and positioning accuracy
High output torques and maximum speeds as well as a larger range of ratios are the hallmarks of these gearboxes and actuators, which are optimally suited for applications with high positioning accuracy and highly dynamic cyclic operation. It was the high power density of the low-backlash gearboxes that tipped the scales for Simtec. They unite space-saving design with less than four arcminutes of torsional backlash and high torsional rigidity. That means only minimal vibration when the ScreenFLITE®’s mobile column structure is moved. No other gearbox combined similar features with such compact dimensions. What’s more, the gearboxes are pleasantly quiet owing to their special helical toothing: even at speeds of 3000 revolutions per minute, the noise intensity never rises above normal conversational level.

All in all, 17 TP+ gearboxes of different sizes as well as three TPM+ power servo actuators are used in the ScreenFLITE®’s interactive structure. 

Simtec produced movement profiles and forces for nine different motion cycles which are characteristic of this installation. These were imported into cymex® 5, WITTENSTEIN alpha’s sizing tool, as ASCII files. WITTENSTEIN alpha then selected the gearboxes and servo actuators according to the program’s recommendations. Apart from greatly simplifying the design, that also made it very reliable.

The beginning of a success story
The ScreenFLITE® has been very well received in the digital signage market – no other product currently available comes close to it. Furthermore, the significant expertise that has been built up by Simtec can now be leveraged for the design, structure and servo technology of follow-up projects, so that the ScreenFLITE® can also be manufactured in other sizes without any problems.