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Cincoze is a professional manufacturer of embedded computers. We design, manufacture, and sell fanless embedded computers, industrial panel PCs and monitors, and rugged industrial GPU embedded systems for demanding industrial applications and harsh environments.

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DA-1000 Powers Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

POSTED 05/19/2021

Facing global climate change, governments in many countries have accelerated the development of electric vehicles for energy conservation and carbon reduction. The final mile for the rollout of electric vehicles is to set up a wide range of electrical charging stations. According to a report from Facts and Fact Research, the Global Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Market is expected to reach USD 70 Billion by 2026, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33% from 2019 to 2026. The fast growth of electrical charging stations is obvious. 

Our customer, located in Europe, provides software and hardware integration for electrical charging stations throughout Europe. Its specialized intelligent load management enables the simultaneous charging of up to 50 electric vehicles at a charging location and optimally distributes the charging power to the electric vehicles. At the heart of this intelligent load management system is the embedded computer that controls the charging points and ensures a reliable operation. 

Customer Requirement
Compact Size 

The load management components and embedded computer for the controller must be installed in the space-limited distribution cabinet. Therefore, the primary criteria for selecting the embedded computer is compact size with flexible mounting options such as wall, DIN rail, VESA and side mounting.

Rich I/O Connectivity
The embedded computer calculates the available charging power and dynamically controls the individual charging points, maximum charging powers per involved charging process. The embedded PC includes pre-installed web-based electric filling station management software. The software allows the configuration, monitoring as well as transmitting data to the remote control room.  In addition, the PC is equipped with an RFID reader to scan RFID charging cards to activate the service. Thus, rich I/Os connecting to the displays, process card payments, and LAN/WiFi/4G LTE connectivity of embedded computers are required. 

Robust Design
As an outdoor charging station that runs 24 hours a day, the desired embedded computer needs to be robust enough to support wide working temperatures. This ensures the stable, safe, and efficient operation of the stations.

Why Cincoze?

Cincoze DA-1000 is a palm-sized ultra-compact embedded computer of only 150 x 105 x 56.02 mm. It can easily fit in any space like a small control cabinet in the field, and it supports diverse mounting options, including VESA, DIN-rail, and side/wall mounting.

Industrial Connectivity
The DA-1000 provides the perfect balance between its small size and versatile functions. The DA-1000 houses a wide variety of I/O, with 2x RS-232/422/485 COM ports, 2x GbE LAN, DVI-I, and ports for two antennas. It has an internal SIM socket and two full-size Mini-PCIe slots for additional storage and expansion. Through Cincoze’s proprietary CMI interface, DA-1000 can be extended with additional I/Os, including COM, DIO, DisplayPort, DVI, and LPT/PS2. The comprehensive I/O interfaces not only connect to peripherals but also ensure network connectivity.

Processor options include the Intel® Atom™ E3826/E3845 and Celeron® J1900 CPU, making the DA-1000 tough enough for applications in harsh environments. The DA-1000 is fanless and cableless, the best construction for easy maintenance. It features wide working temperature (-25–70°C), anti-shock and vibration resistance (50G/5G), wide-range voltage input (9–48 VDC), over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and ESD protection, ensuring long-lasting operation in complex environmental conditions.

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