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Case Study - Bolke-Miller

POSTED 05/11/2022

Bolke-Miller Company: Compressed Air They Can Count On

For Bolke-Miller Company, reliable compressed air is a necessity. The Waukegan, Illinois-based company is a contract food re-packager for some of the biggest names in the industry—and downtime is not an option. When they opened their third facility in Waukegan in 2019, they came to Fluid-Aire Dynamics for a compressed air solution they could count on.

Challenge: Reliable Compressed Air for Food Packaging Lines

Bolke-Miller uses compressed air to power equipment throughout their food packaging lines, including conveyors and robotic arms for picking and packing individually wrapped items, closing and sealing boxes. Over the past 12 years, Plant Manager Felix Monterrosa has seen their operations grow from three lines to twenty.

Felix says that maintaining uptime for the lines is his #1 priority. “As a re-packager, we’re pretty low on the totem pole in the industry. Products and artwork for a job can get delayed, so once we receive everything we may already be behind. Our lines need to be up 100% of the time so we can meet deadlines, or our customers will find someone else who can.” Without air, the lines stop.

The Fluid-Aire Dynamics Solution

Felix originally contracted with Fluid-Aire Dynamics for preventative maintenance services for his existing equipment, on the recommendation of a related and neighboring company, VisualPak. When the time came to purchase equipment for their new production lines, he says the choice was obvious.

“The Fluid-Aire Dynamics team was always very easy to work with and their technicians are highly skilled. They explain everything to me in plain English, not engineering language, so I always understand exactly what is happening with my equipment and what they are doing.”

Before installing the new equipment, the Fluid-Aire engineering team conducted an evaluation of their needs to ensure that everything was sized properly for their operations. They ultimately installed a 125HP variable speed PneuTech Ri Series compressor and a 100HP fixed speed Ri as a backup compressor, along with dryers, receiver tanks, filtration, and over 3,300 feet of modular aluminum piping.

Results: Service With a Smile (And No Red Tape)

Bolke-Miller’s new compressed air system keeps their lines up and running. Fluid-Aire Dynamics continues to provide preventative maintenance and service.

Felix appreciates knowing that there he can call Fluid-Aire Dynamics for help at any time—even off hours and weekends. “With Fluid-Aire Dynamics, there’s no red tape.

I can give them a call and they pick up the phone and boom, they’ll have a technician out here if I need one.” Before their new equipment was installed, Felix once had one of their older compressors go out on a Saturday. “I called Joe Smith (Fluid-Aire’s Service Manager), and he got someone over her

e right away with a rental compressor and get us up and running. I know everyone is busy, but when I call you and say this is a do or die situation you make sure I’m taken care of.”

That level of service and expertise is what Felix counts on.”There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to compressed air machines, but customer service is essential. Fluid-Aire Dynamics understands our priorities and I know I’ll have reliable bodies out here when I call.”

“I would recommend Fluid-Aire to anybody. Your guys stand up for the work you do and the equipment you put in our facilities, and you’re always very easy to work with.”

Felix Monterrosa, Plant Manager
Bolke-Miller Company