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KINGSTAR Soft Motion provides all the benefits of a software solution to motion control in an automatically configured EtherCAT environment with “plug-and-play” compatibility. With the highest quality and performance of pre-integrated and pre-tested motion libraries, KINGSTAR delivers motion control at half the cost of traditional hardware platforms. Deliver Software-Only Motion Control and Positioning Systems Quickly and Affordably KINGSTAR Soft Motion is an open and standards-based, software-only solution that streamlines motor control and automation. Soft Motion runs directly on the PC, uses the NIC card for I/O, and uses the powerful EtherCAT protocol to free you from the shackles of proprietary and costly hardware. With Soft Motion, motion control engineers can design, develop and integrate PC-based machine controllers in a “plug-and-play” environment for consolidated, inexpensive and scalable motion and vision control.

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Major Features of Motion Control Software

POSTED 05/26/2017  | By: Jerry Leitz, Director of Field Engineering

Motion control software is a PC-based application that is used by developers of motion control systems in various industries. With it, engineers are able to develop fully automated motion control applications for a wide range of industrial automation systems.

Among the various motion control applications on the market, KINGSTAR Soft Motion is a unique invention that every developer should check out. This software can easily replace the motion control hardware boards with a guarantee of better precision and performance for less cost. Since it can be easily integrated into the PC, you will not incur higher costs experienced when using motion control hardware like you do with Galil, Delta Tau, Advantech, and others.
Features of Motion Control Software

There are numerous benefits that can be achieved with KINGSTAR Soft Motion. These features make it more efficient and convenient than motion control hardware:

  • Easy-to-use, “plug and play” functionality
  • Wide range of proven, pre-tested and integrated motion libraries
  • Supports leveraging of CANOpen over EtherCAT
  • Provides for auto-configuration of EtherCAT network when changing I/O systems and servo drives

The pre-integrated motion libraries in the software and auto-configuration of EtherCAT ensure improved productivity due to less time spent on development. These features also significantly reduce the amount of time taken getting products to market.

Since the software relies on Ethernet cabling, PC NIC and infrastructure of EtherCAT, there is also enhanced performance with regards to the machinery and control. This motion control software can deliver dynamic scalability as well due to the EtherCAT auto-configuration. Finally, its intuitive Windows interface enables developers to create a powerful UI.

With KINGSTAR Soft Motion, you will no longer need costly motion control hardware, which ensures a reduction in the costs of operation. In fact, there is greater affordability in using this software since it does not require any additional hardware to run. With it, you are able to reduce machinery control costs by up to 56%.

KINGSTAR Soft Motion is advanced motion control software with fully fledged and intuitive features that enable engineers to easily create, enhance and integrate PC-based motion controllers for better performance, scalability and affordability. This makes it the most suitable replacement for motion control hardware.