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Machines Italia was created by the Italian Trade Agency in collaboration with major entrepreneurial associations to share the story of Italian-made machinery.

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Machines Italia Magazine Volume XV: Transforming how we work, one machine at a time

POSTED 06/30/2023  | By: Machines Italia, Engineered with Passion

Machines Italia was created by the Italian Trade Agency in collaboration with major entrepreneurial associations to share the story of Italian-made machinery. Our mission is to introduce North American buyers to a new kind of machine buying experience driven by flexibility, innovation, creativity, durability, reliability and sustainability.

CREATIVITY We are visionary thinkers. Italy is renowned for its creativity. Since the days of Leonardo da Vinci, Italians have believed that inspiration stems from a deep understanding of one’s goals. Our manufacturers apply this mindset in machinery by getting to know your company and using your unique requirements as signposts to guide the development of a one-of-a-kind solution.

DURABILITY & RELIABILITY We are built to last. Backed by Italy’s culture of excellence in craftsmanship, Italian manufacturers use the highest quality materials and implement rigorous testing processes to guarantee client expectations are always met. But our manufacturers’ commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t end at purchase. They prioritize preventative maintenance services after the sale to minimize downtime. It’s just one more way the Made-in-Italy mark is reassurance that your investment will continue to pay off for years to come.

FLEXIBILITY We are obsessed with your satisfaction: Italy is home to over 10,000 small and medium machine manufacturers whose passion for their product is equalled only by their commitment to customer satisfaction. What results are partnerships built on flexibility, quick response times and a collaborative process that leads to solutions tailor made to your exact needs.

INNOVATION We are innovative to our core Italy’s heritage of innovation dates back millennia. From Roman inventions like concrete to modern-day masterpieces like the Lamborghini, ingenuity is in our DNA. This spirit of innovation continues to thrive today in Italy’s machine manufacturing industry, renowned for its leadership in machine development, integration and technological advancement.

SUSTAINABILITY We are stewards of our land. Italy is world famous for its awe-inspiring nature and we’re determined to preserve the beauty of our land and protect our planet. That’s why we are committed to creating a sustainable world, developing energy efficient technologies and transforming our manufacturing processes to harness renewable energy sources in new ways.

OUR NETWORK Machines Italia represents a network of over 10,000 Italian manufacturers from these 16 sectors:

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