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Future-oriented solutions are created at SensoPart – and developed and produced at our Gottenheim and Wieden sites. Those entering the new SensoPart buildings in Gottenheim near Freiburg immediately notice that this is an innovative, open company. This first impression of order and transparency is confirmed by a glance at our production facilities: everything is in the right place here and everyone knows what they are doing. The result is the famous quality “made in Germany”, of which we at SensoPart are particularly proud. Less obvious, but nevertheless decisive for the whole, is our development department. We do everything to give new ideas and innovations space here. Regardless of whether the optimisation of a product’s functional detail is involved or whether it is necessary to come up with a completely new product family, our development engineers are committed with a lot of energy and great expertise. Numerous Innovation Prizes in recent years document this: with success!

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e-Mobility and Battery Pack Solutions from SensoPart

POSTED 05/09/2022

e-Mobility and Battery Pack Solutions from SensoPart

Efforts to reduce fossil fuel consumption are leading to a rapid rise in e-mobility. Electrically powered cars, bicycles and even scooters are becoming increasingly popular.

These modes of transportation all require battery power, which means the market for battery pack manufacturing is growing alongside the e-mobility sector.

As with any assembly line, there are various challenges in battery pack manufacturing, especially with automated processes in production. Sensors, such as vision or distance sensors, play a crucial role here. Be it in the context of object inspection, reading individual component serial numbers before assembly or guiding robots.

Detection & Inspection

If a part is missing, assembled in the wrong way, or does not meet the specifications, it will adversely affect the final product. As the battery pack is heavily sealed, it will incur a significant cost to put the problem right, so inspection by a vision sensor is extremely important when it comes to critical electrical connections or protective parts.


Identification of parts and components is important to ensure gapless traceability and avoid process downtime. Sensors must be able to read plain text, identify different types of barcodes and read printed or directly marked data matrix codes reliably, regardless of the carrier materials such as dark plastic or shiny metallic surfaces. The VISOR® Code Reader also deciphers skewed or distorted codes and returns information about the quality of the code on request.


In positioning applications, sensors determine the component position on the gantry or industrial robots for material handling applications or support vision-guided hole detection for automated screwing tasks. This information is essential for automated assembly lines to function effectively, as even a small error in positional data can cause a defective product, or make the process come to a halt, leading to expensive unplanned downtime.

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