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Shape-to-Motion™ Technology empowers high-mix manufacturers to finally automate their spray process lines. This autonomous robotics technology can SEE, PLAN and EXECUTE these processes on your parts no matter the batch size or variety of shapes. The process works like this: One or multiple 3D Perception scanners use structured lighting and Sensor Fusion technology, allowing the OmniBrain™ to SEE the entirety of your parts in real-time. Our OmniBrain™ then PLANS a robot motion based on a Digital Twin of your robotic process cell, creating an efficient motion regardless of each part’s position. The OmniBrain’s™ plans are then EXECUTED using existing industrial robots, meaning you only have to tell your robot WHAT to do - not HOW to do it! This combination of 3D Perception, sensor fusion, autonomous motion planning and more finally gives high-mix manufacturers the ability to automate spray processes without added programming or fixturing requirements - perfect for tasks in aerospace, metal fabrication, heavy equipment and more!

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