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Micropsi Industries is a software company that provides ready-to-use AI systems for controlling industrial robots. We enable automation where automation was previously not viable, making factories more productive, workspaces more ergonomic, and businesses more resilient.

Our first product, MIRAI, attaches to and augments industrial robots. Once fitted with MIRAI, a robot can perceive its workspace through cameras and correct its movements where needed as it performs a task. MIRAI has been deployed in manufacturing, and we are now looking into other application fields, like lab automation and logistics.

The people behind Micropsi Industries have always been interested in the hard problem of systems learning not from data carefully prepared by scientists but from the same messy reality that the system needs to operate in later. Making such learning systems work in industrial robotics is an achievement that has required much more than solving an AI problem: we must bring together expertise in robotics, control, safety, user experience, application engineering, user training, and IT operations. Our tech stack and data infrastructure has been designed for a long game beyond its current use and will evolve into a full AI-driven operating layer for industrial and service robots.

Founded in Berlin in 2014, Micropsi Industries now comprises more than 40 people, among them robotics engineers, software engineers, cognitive scientists, business developers, and designers. We are headquartered in Berlin, and we have an office in Brooklyn. Micropsi Industries believes in learning. We take pains to understand our customer needs and feedback, and we relish in finding elegant solutions to tough problems, be they technical, mathematical, strategic, or design-related.