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AMR in a warehouseRobotics Engineering Capabilities

Flex offers specialized, comprehensive engineering expertise to design, build and manufacture industrial robots, empowering you to bring innovative robotics products to market.



Our robotics engineers’ deep domain expertise provides innovative and value-added design and technical engineering services for new or next-generation robots.  Our collaborative approach results in the successful implementation of an end-to-end lifecycle solution, and our post-implementation support and services optimize production. 

We employ advanced manufacturing technologies and processes throughout our global and regional manufacturing facilities, with the support of our trusted supply chain ecosystem, to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing downtime. 

Whether you need a dedicated team of engineers or joint development to help bring a specific project to life, Flex has the robotics engineering expertise to enable you to bring your robotics product to market faster. 

. Our engineers provide innovative robotics solutions for:

  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)
  • Mobile service robots (Cobots)

Design and Engineering Services

Our mechanical, electrical, and embedded software engineers provide a flexible engagement model from design review services to complete turnkey product development. We can operate as a dedicated engineering team or as an extension of your team to bring your product to market faster.  We start with design services for your new or next-generation product and support you with our engineering services throughout the entire process to develop the best-in-class version for manufacturing at scale.

Test and Validation Services

The testing and validation process is critical in developing robotic solutions used in industrial and commercial applications. This step ranges from component-level testing to whole system validation to confirm compliance with government safety and engineering standards.

Flex testing and validation solutions include rigorous in-situ testing processes to validate a robotic system while it performs the assigned tasks in scenarios of extreme conditions. We partner with certified labs to conduct regulatory and engineering tests to validate the systems for mandated risk assessments.

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