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Data-Driven Keyword Research Boosts Google Ad Performance

POSTED 03/26/2024

Businesses from different sectors around the world leverage Google Ads as a tried-and-true means for driving traffic, increasing leads, and enhancing brand awareness, among several other benefits.  Although Google’s Keyword Planner offers a useful tool for finding new keyword ideas, other methods allow you to dig a little deeper and set up your advertising campaign for success. 

Simply putting together Google Ad headlines and descriptions based on keywords that make sense to you is not an effective use of the tool or your budget. Recently, an international consulting and service provider approached TECH B2B Marketing for help on their Google Ads campaign. To find the keywords and search phrases that this company’s customers might use when looking for similar services, we performed a competitive keyword analysis that delivered data on organic keywords the business and its top competitors currently ranked for. This approach gave us a sense of what we were working with. At this point, we also generated an extensive seed keyword list for the campaign, which helps Google understand areas in which the client works. 

Once TECH B2B Marketing completed the upfront research and work, it was time to roll out a new ad group. Instead of replacing the old ad group, however, we ran the new ad alongside the existing one to put data behind any potential decision. We ran both ads over a 90-day period to see which performed better and saw increased impressions, clicks, conversions, and click-through rates for our optimized ads and keyword strategy.

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