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Cincoze DI-1000 Powers Autonomous Delivery Robots on the Sidewalks

POSTED 01/26/2022

Due to COVID-19, logistics providers had to come up with new methods for last-mile delivery to maintain social distancing. In addition, customers nowadays want instant gratification. They expect to make a purchase online and get the goods without having to wait for days. However, last-mile delivery is a problematic process for logistics companies, due to labor shortages, high shipping costs, and its time-consuming nature. 

Major logistics companies are already involved in solving this issue with the development of automated delivery technologies, such as autonomous delivery robots that can efficiently move essential supplies to end-users without human intervention. A report from Allied Market Research predicts that the global autonomous last-mile delivery market is expected to reach $84.72 billion by 2030, and there is a similar need in retail, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, and other large companies.

A US autonomous mobile robot (AMR) manufacturer that specializes in the manufacture of industrial mobile robots was looking for a compact industrial PC to integrate into its autonomous mobile robots. The company chose the Cincoze DI-1000 for its robots that carry out delivery for logistics companies and smart factories.

Customer Requirement
Compact and Power Efficient

Delivery robots require a small and lightweight PC that can carry out the tasks of processing and control, while still fitting into the limited space inside the robot. Low power consumption is also necessary because it extends the battery life so the robots can operate for a long time, thus improving work efficiency.

Complete I/O
Abundant I/O of the core computer is required for a delivery robot, as it connects to sensors, actuators, a power system, and other devices, including a variety of sensors, such as 3D cameras, LiDAR, and laser scanners used for triangulation ranging, collision avoidance, and position location. The robot is directed to where it needs to go and perform various predefined actions.

Resistance to Harsh Environments
The delivery robot is designed for outdoor locations, such as city streets. A robust and reliable control computer must ensure uninterrupted operation. The robot must be able to withstand harsh environments, including shock, vibration, and changing temperatures, without its overall performance being disrupted.

Why Cincoze?
Small Form Factor and Low Power Consumption

Compact (203 x 142 x 66.8 mm) and lightweight (1.65 kg), the DI-1000 is designed for space-limited applications, such as automated guided vehicles (AGV), AMRs, and small cabinets in factories. The DI-1000 computer with Intel® 6th gen Core™ i CPU offers outstanding processing capability with a low-power consumption design (15W) to analyze real-time images from the sensors.

Rich I/O and Modular Expansion 
The DI-1000 features complete I/O interfaces such as GbE LAN, USB, and COM ports for connecting sensors and communicating with other devices and two 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD for big storage capacity. In addition, the computer features Mini PCIe for wireless module expansion, so the automated machines can always connect to the control center. The DI-1000 also accommodates further expansion via exclusive CMI/CFM module technology to install additional LAN ports, Power Ignition Sensing (IGN), or M12 ports.

Rugged Reliability
The DI-1000's fanless and cableless design allows for reliable operation in the most challenging environments. The system features wide-range DC power input (9–48V), high tolerance of shock/vibration (5G/50G), and industrial-grade protections (OVP, OCP, ESD). The DI-1000 utilizes wide temperature components, which provide a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 70°C. 

The DI-1100, the enhanced version of DI-1000, is powered by an Intel® 8th gen Core™ i CPU, presents new features, such as dual SIM slots, 10 GbE LAN expansion, and MIL-STD-810G compliance, providing improved performance and high availability, as well as system stability in various environments.

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