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Antaira’s NAT Router Saves Global Company During Supply Shortage

POSTED 02/27/2023

Industry: Automation

Location: New Jersey(USA)



A global Injection Blow Molding company based in New Jersey has been working with Antaira Technologies in order to help continue running their operations smoothly. This company has customers with operating machines in 65 countries and has molded some of the world’s leading brands in many different industries. The machinery the company builds is built to last. They are simple, rugged machines that can withstand the harsh environment of a production floor. However, in order to operate, the company needed a solution that would allow network addressing changes to be made on their machinery while keeping the integrity of the internal networking addresses of their internal components the same.



The Injection Blow Molding Company was previously using a router from another company that offered a Network Address Transition (NAT) feature. However, due to supply shortages, they were unable to continue purchasing and operating with this specific product.

NAT was a critical technology that this Injection Blow Molding company needed for its machinery. For companies that purchased their system, natting allowed communication with equipment while still maintaining the integrity of the IP addressing scheme of the internal equipment. This also created another layer of secure communication and operational efficiencies. Another requirement for this company was to make sure that when the machine goes to a customer, the customer is able to easily log into the control PC from any network.

Antaira was able to fulfill their requirements with an ARS-7235-AC, an Industrial Router that had NAT capabilities. The internal design called for the ARS-7235-AC to be placed directly in the control cabinet next to the machine's PLC.


Antaira was able to provide the ARS-7235-AC as a replacement product to help continue running operations for this global company but with even more benefits. The previous WiFi router the company was using did not include as many features as Antaira’s Industrial Router. The ARS-7235-AC has a LAN industrial wireless access point with added router capabilities. It also is embedded with the Qualcomm IPQ4029 SoC chipset, boasts network robustness, stability, and a wide network coverage with a very low voltage input of 9V. With the ARS-7235-AC, the company was able to fulfill their system requirements and defeat their challenge.

Industrial Dual Radio IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wireless Access Point /Client /Bridge /Repeater/ Router
  • Industrial 2x2 MIMO
  • Qualcomm IPQ4029 SoC
  • Supports 2*10/100/1000Base-TX WAN/LAN Ports
  • Tx Power 25dB for 2.4GHz