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CENIT North America provides the development and implementation of digital manufacturing solutions. We have a background in offline-programming, simulation and process integration for robots and special machines. In addition to these offline-programming applications (OLP) we offer customer-specific software developments and high-level implementation services that successfully address requirements not covered by standard software solutions. Our digital manufacturing solutions are based on FASTSUITE (www.fastsuite.com). There are two product lines available. FASTSUITE Edition 2, a standalone platform and FASTSUITE for V5, which is seamlessly integrated with CATIA/DELMIA V5. CENIT has been helping prestigious customers in key industries to gain competitive advantages for over 25 years. The company has over 700 employees worldwide who work among others with customers from automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, tool and mold manufacturing.

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FASTSUITE E2 – Brand-Agnostic Software Helps Melton Machine Overcome Robot Supply Shortage

POSTED 06/02/2022

 | By: Denis Danchine, Senior Account Manager, CENIT

3D simulations of entire automaton cells before they are built

FASTSUITE simulation and offline programming software creates 3D simulations of entire automaton cells before they are built, and the brand-agnostic platform allows integrators to substitute different robot arms when a robot supplier’s lead time could delay a project. Brand-specific software is no match.

Swapping out a yellow robot for a red one might seem simple. But integrators must consider different robot reach and axis limits when designing the layout for an automation cell. Software that simulates robot operation and interaction with other equipment helps engineers determine the optimal cell design.

Melton coordinated motion

With FASTSUITE, Melton Machine was able to swap out a different robot and drop it into the existing simulation

System integrator Melton Machine & Control Company designs and builds robotic arc welding cells and other automation systems for the automotive, agriculture and construction industries. Recently, the integrator had an issue with a material handling project that was already designed around a particular brand of robot. That robot’s manufacturer said they would be unable to deliver the robot in the expected timeframe. The new lead time would be 36 weeks!

Unable to wait that long, Melton Machine had to substitute a different robot brand with a shorter lead time. Normally that type of change, if simulated in the original robot manufacturer’s software, would require a lot of time and effort to reprogram in the new robot’s brand-specific software. But FASTSUITE software is brand agnostic. This makes for an easier swap.

“If we do the simulation in FASTSUITE and then the customer wants to specify a different robot or we need to swap it out due to a supply chain issue, we’ll still need to reprogram, but all the fundamentals are already there,” says Glenn Archer, VP of Sales & Marketing for Melton Machine. “The advantage is that any robot you grab, all the limits are already set up, so robot reach studies and other parameters are already handled. It’s quicker and less expensive to change out the robot if we’ve done it through the FASTSUITE path.”


Extensive library of nearly 800+ robot arms from all major manufacturers

FASTSUITE software provides an extensive library of nearly 800+ robot arms from all major manufacturers. Reachability studies, axis limits, etc. are all handled by CENIT software, no matter the robot brand. And no matter the process, whether it’s material handling, welding, material removal or assembly. Using CENIT’s brand-agnostic software, Melton Machine was able to swap out a different robot and drop it into the existing simulation.

“We were able to get the new robot in 8 weeks and turn it around quickly,” says Archer. “The customer was back on track!”


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