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Published on: 01/07/2021

Last Reply on: 04/22/2021

Category: Material Handling

Technology: Robotics

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Trinidad Cocoa Plantations Ltd., is considering use of robots for the following: harvesting of Cocoa pods up to 3m high; opening of harvested cocoa pods; extraction of beans from opened pods. What machines can accomplish these tasks and what is average pricing? Joseph Sampson - Chief Executive Officer, Trinidad Cocoa Plantations Limited, Trinidad, West Indies.

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Hello Wayne: Thank you for the interest, I have some familiarity with systems that pick fruits (Tomatoes) the fact that the system would be 3 meters tall is not a large factor but these systems are customer developed and speculation on cost requires information about what determinations are required about ripened state, The force and actuation required to grip and pick, Other factors that may bare on the system design would be the volume to be harvested verse the window of time the product can remain ripe on the vine. Terrain type and factors etc. etc. budgets could be $1million for the first unit easily. My suggestion, would be to assemble a series of photos describing the plant and terrain along with any other variables you might know of. We can have a more detailed conversation at that point

Albert Keefer from BHS Robotics | 01/07/2021

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Hello, we can help you with this project. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] Thanks! FSD Sales MG