Automate Preview Series: The Factory of the Future Today: AI, Smart Automation, and the Transformation of Manufacturing

Originally Recorded March 14, 2024 | 11 AM-12:30 PM ET

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Automate Preview Series

This webinar is part of our Automate Preview Series

Artificial intelligence is layering atop robotics, vision, motion control, and other automation technologies — to create new solutions, greater flexibility, and expanding opportunities. Big tech companies — once focused more on your phone than the factory floor — now view manufacturing, robotics, and industrial automation as key segments of their business. This transformation will touch every aspect of the automation ecosystem, from product design and manufacturing processes to the delivery at a customer’s door. Learn from industry leaders about the opportunities and challenges in deploying AI across your operations.

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Image of Bernd Raithel, Director of Product Management and Marketing for the Factory Automation, Siemens

Bernd Raithel, Director of Product Management and Marketing for the Factory Automation, Siemens

Bernd Raithel is the Director of Product Management and Marketing for the Factory Automation business unit of Siemens Industry and has been with Siemens for more than 15 years. He is committed to supporting customers on their digitization journey to achieve new levels of productivity. Through collaboration and sharing of ideas he aids customers’ use and understanding of current and future technologies and creating plans to achieve their future goals.

Image of Cole Wangsness, Sales Engineering Leader, OnLogic

Cole Wangsness, Sales Engineering Leader, OnLogic

Cole Wangsness is the leader of worldwide sales engineering at OnLogic. Cole joined OnLogic in 2018 and specializes in solving edge computing challenges across a wide-variety of industries and applications. Cole enjoys helping users identify and develop the right solutions to their most daunting technology challenges using the latest hardware and software solutions.

Image of David Bader, VP Business Development, Eurotech

David Bader, VP Business Development, Eurotech

Dave Bader is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in robotics and automation. As a Vice President of Business Development at Eurotech, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a distinguished career history that spans across leading organizations in the industry. Dave has been instrumental in several automation revolutions, including the evangelism of Artificial Intelligence at the Edge, Industrial IoT, and Autonomous Mobile Robotics for industrial and warehouse applications.

In addition to his numerous leadership roles, Dave has made a significant impact by actively helping customers understand and address ever-evolving cybersecurity risks. With his unique ability to convey highly technical solutions, he bridges the gap between technical and non-technical audiences, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive support and guidance in navigating the complex landscape of cybersecurity. Dave is excited to lend his considerable expertise to inform next-generation technologies and solutions.

Image of Marco Pardo, Global Product Manager for Conveyance Solutions, Dorner

Marco Pardo, Global Product Manager for Conveyance Solutions, Dorner

Marco Pardo is currently in the position of Global Product Manager for Conveyance Solutions with Columbus McKinnon after 12 years working as an engineer and product manager. Pardo works closely with assessing market strategies, launching new solutions, and working with customers on pairing the best conveyance solution with the specific needs of their application. Marco holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Image of Kasper Tsai, <b>Product Manager, Axiomtek</b>

Kasper Tsai, Product Manager, Axiomtek

Kasper Tsai is a specialist in AI applications and serves as a product manager at Axiomtek. With 6 years of experience in the IoT industry, he has led the development of various systems to meet customers’ demands, while also outlining effective marketing strategies. Outside of work, he enjoys biking, cooking, and handcrafting.

Image of Eric Hershberger, <b>Principal Applications Engineer, Cognex </b>

Eric Hershberger, Principal Applications Engineer, Cognex

Eric Hershberger is a Principal Applications Engineer at Cognex with over 23 years of experience in machine vision integration and applications. He possesses expertise in programming robots, PLCs, and cameras. Eric is well-versed in various tips and tricks to streamline the resolution of challenging vision projects that often lack straightforward solutions. He dedicates significant effort to simplifying solutions for enhanced application support, and he thrives on tackling tough problems that challenge his analytical skills and critical thinking.

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