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Neousys Technology is a manufacturer of rugged embedded systems, GPU computers, and modules.

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Neousys Embedded Computers Certified for Baidu’s PaddleX/ PaddlePaddle Deep-learning Platform

POSTED 06/17/2021

Taipei, Taiwan – Neousys Technology, an industry-leading provider of rugged embedded systems, announced that its three embedded computer series have been granted compatibility certification by Baidu PaddleX, a development tool that accelerates data processing for PaddlePaddle deep-learning platform. The certified embedded computers from Neousys include Nuvis-7306RT – a vision computer with vision-specific I/Os and real-time controller, Nuvo-8000 series – rugged expansion box PCs, and Nuvo GC series – edge AI GPU computers. Coupling a Neousys certified system with Baidu's PaddleX/ PaddlePaddle can accelerate AI technology developments for industry applications such as autonomous vehicles, smart factories, and smart city development (law enforcement monitoring and traffic management), etc.

The Baidu deep-learning platform, PaddlePaddle has been adopted by more than 1.9 million developers and 84 thousand enterprises worldwide in creating trained models to develop a range of industrial applications. For hardware complementation, Baidu has utilized Neousys embedded computers in the pass. Evident from the Apollo project, an open-source autonomous driving solution, Neousys GPU computers showed consistent powerful processing power and stability under extreme conditions.

The compatible and certified Neousys embedded computers all feature true wide temperature operation and GPU support. Nuvis-7306RT incorporates lighting controller, camera trigger output, encoder input and DIO for sensors and actuators into one system; Nuvo-8000 series supports to 5 PCIe/ PCI slots for different expansion needs; the GC series includes a variety of form factor embedded systems and supports various GPU inference accelerators from Tesla, Quadro or RTX 30 to power different edge AI processing needs.

"Baidu's confidence in Neousys edge AI platform derives from previous Baidu Apollo open-source autonomous vehicle partnership. Neousys has always been at the forefront of edge AI technology development by providing unparallel system stability, reliability and operability in harsh environments. Through continuing cooperation with Neousys Technology, we hope to create software/ hardware integrated solutions that can take industrial AI applications to the next level." says Baidu representative.

"As one of the pioneers in industrial edge AI computers, we have been working closely with Baidu. The hardware certification for PaddleX/ PaddlePaddle reassures Neousys' position in industrial AI applications and through this cooperation, the solution accelerates edge AI developments to allow our customers to truly enjoy AI efficiency at the edge." says David Dong, sales director of Neousys Technology China.