Getting Started with AI & Smart Automation


Hype vs. Opportunity: Where AI is Making a Difference in Manufacturing

  • Bernd Raithel, Siemens

  • Paul Thomas, Procter & Gamble

  • Tom Hummel, RAPID Robotics

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Developing a Big Data Strategy: Enterprise and Supply Chain Optimization

Wolfgang Rohde, Siemens

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The Role of AI in Inspection and Quality Control: Use Cases and Success Stories

David Dechow, Landing AI

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Advances in Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance

Paul Santi, FANUC America

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Ease-of-Use of Programming and Advances in Human-Machine Interfaces

Kel Guerin, READY Robotics

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AI-Based Robotic Applications

Gerard Andrews, NVIDIA

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How AI at the Edge is Empowering Smart Automation

Bernd Raithel, Siemens

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The Role of Simulation & Digital Twins

Danny Lange, Unity

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AI Explainability, Ethics & Trust

Anatoli Gorchet, Neurala

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