Targeting Options for A3 Advertising

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Make A3 your marketing partner: We work with you to understand your objectives and advise on our segmentation strategy and engagement offerings. Our advertising options provide you the flexibility to test and refine marketing assets to influence performance.

Our advanced segmentation system allows advertisers to target by job title/role, historical engagement, interest, location, product type or industry vertical. Conversely, if your goal is to reach a broader audience, A3 expands your reach to a wider audience to increase your ROI.

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Click each of our five standard targeting options to learn more about each of our main audiences. A3 has the capability to personalize targeting even further. For a more niche target, please contact Jim Hamilton, VP of Sales, at [email protected].

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A3 Vision & Imaging Audience 

A3 Motion Control & Motors Audience 

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Targeting Options for A3 Advertising